The Love Story Journal
The Love Story Journal

This project has already launched.

The Love Story Journal is designed to transform loss into creative expression through artist-inspired journaling.

Introducing Artist-Inspired Journaling: 

This journal is filled with personal stories from 40 artists who are sharing their experiences of love, loss, and transformation.  These stories are here to inspire you on your own personal journey of self exploration.  Discover your narrative in our stories.

This Picture will Turn into a Live Interview 

Thanks to our partner, Live Portrait, there are 80 illustrations that, when scanned by your smart phone, will turn into a video using their free augmented reality technology.

Try it out!

1. Download the free Live Portrait App from your IOS or Android phone.

2. Open the Live Portrait app from your phone.

3. Hover your phone over this picture below and watch the magic happen!


About the Journal:

  • interactive dual title, hard cover/soft cover art journal
  • There are 80 video interviews of 40 artists sharing their stories of love, loss and transformation
  • 80 journaling prompts designed to inspire catharsis
  • 330+ beautifully illustrated pages for you to sketch, draw, paint, write, and create.


Gift a Journal Today

By gifting a Love Story Journal to someone you care about this holiday season, you are encouraging them to explore their inner artist. Your pledge of $25-$60 toward a Love Story Journal and/or Love Story Live Interactive Event, will empower your journey of self discovery.

You may be lost, but you're not alone.

Break your heart open.

Love and Blessings,

The Love Story Family


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