The Light Fleet Dice Case
The Light Fleet Dice Case

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   This time we take our enthusiasm of Sci-Fi to a whole new level! Please allow us to introduce you "The Light Fleet Dice Case - the ultimate dice case from future". 

   In 2015 July we launched “Space Roller: The futuristic dice for your Sci-Fi games”, with 3308 backers' help we were able to make it reality. After spending 15 months on design and have worked on many versions to push the design to exceed extraordinary, we are now proudly present to you “The Light Fleet Dice Case: The Ultimate Dice Case from Future”.



    It is not a easy task to spend 15 months to just develop one project. Reality will always come challenge you. However, we know that to get the best outcome it is essential for us to conquer all the problems that we have encountered. With countless versions of design we have changed, every little detail on the case we have taken care of, and all these injection techniques issue we have solved. Here is the best result that we can present to you.    



    The Light Fleet Dice Case is the second episode of our exploration of futuristic design. The Light Fleet Dice Case is the first design dice case that is inspired by the beauty of geometry and the fantasy of Ultra-future civilization. Its dynamic form creates focal point not only during your game play, but also anywhere you show it to others.

    The design of The Light Fleet Dice Case is based on the triangle geometry. Triangle is the mother of geometry, the most stable and strongest one and the metaphor of the holy trinity. It can fit in 7 to 9 dice or 2 pencils or pens, eraser and a portable pencil sharpener.




    This time we have two colors available from the beginning so our backers can have more choices. If all the stretch goals are reached we are planning to open for backers to vote for extra colors. Each color will have its unique finish. For example, black is matted with subtle texture, silver has no texture . We will work on these details for each color during mass production if the stretch goals are reached.



    We have six levels of different pledges, we provides increasing discount rates for each different level. This discount rates will only happens during kickstarter campaign period. You will be able to select any color that is opened when the campaign finish. We also add a hobby mode -Anonymous, which allows you to paint your own color design and make your own unique Light Fleet Dice Case.


* Do not use it to stab any form of life

* It's not for children who are under 6 years gold

* Do not run while you hold it in your hand

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