Who are we? We are a group of stupid contemporary artists. We are the self-assured masters who always think to invent new creations which is useful to the new digital world. One fine day we think to draw our ideas in a big canvas, unfortunately because of our stupidity it became our studio name “Papal Works”.  


About us


Papal works takes people to the new world of art.  We questioned, recreated, and reevaluated old inventions in digital way. We used the completed canvases as tools and do new recreative products with our idiotic thoughts. We create products which will be useful in many ways also recollect the old memories of the users.


The Legends

Think the world without them


The Legends is the card intelligence basically for the future generation and kids.  The Legends has 100 cards of world most popular and best legends information with there portraits on the back side.

What is The Legends? 



The next day when we think about our first product of our papal works we got this legendary idea (that’s why we named the product “The Legends” :P),  Where we can feed knowledge to new generation in our creative way. As it is our first production we want it to be a interesting game as well as we want people to know about our world best leaders, scientist, inventors, artist and famous personalities who changed or take the world to the next level. The Legends is the card intelligence where you can gain knowledge about 100 legends who is popular in world wide, it is not only about the knowledge gaining also a fun filling party time game with it.


Why you need this

  1. Kids can get inspired when they get to know about them and take them as a role model in there life also it helps us to remember our great leaders.

  2. This will be a Precious gift to give and get.

  3. You can find the portraits of all 100 legends as digital wallpaper. It will be a great collection in your gallery of your favorite legends.


How to play game


This is 2 to 4 players card based game where you have to share your cards equally with your other players. Declare your cards one by one   Who loss all the cards first losses the game.



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