The Lazy Method
The Lazy Method

Every time there’s a weight loss product being marketed to the public, there’s a lot of emphases on how easy it is to lose weight using that pill or drinking that shake. At the end of the commercial it’ll say in small print or the announcer will quickly say that “you must eat healthy and exercise regularly to see any results”.

The Lazy Method figured out a natural and easy way to lose weight and achieve good health, by going vegan. Why go vegan? Going vegan is the easiest and most natural method to reach your goal of becoming the healthier and slimmer you possible. It’s the most natural way to drop weight.

Here at The Lazy Method, we figured there’s an easy way to not just lose unwanted weight, but also to get clear smooth skin and obtain better health. There’s no skipping meals, consuming pills with ingredients you’re unsure about, or drinking goopy shakes. The Lazy Method delivers you food within two-three days of ordering. Everything’s delivered fresh, never frozen. There’s two ordering options, the customer may choose to have premade food delivered to their door or have measured spices and ingredients with a recipe so the customer can cook their food fresh at home.

Can I still get my recommended serving of protein by going vegan?

Yes. Each TLM delivery contains an average of 250 grams of protein or more. That’s about 45-60 grams of protein every day. There’s protein in a large variety of fruits and vegetables including seeds and nuts. If you feel you might need more protein, you can order HEMP protein powder with your box and it will come with smoothie recipes you can blend at home.


Is it really possible to lose weight without exercising just by eating vegan?

YES! Eating fruits and vegetables digests and passes through your body within 24-36 hours. Whereas it takes meat 31-96 hours to fully digest and pass through your body. A vegan diet has the tendency to regulate and normalize body weight. However for effective weight loss, it is recommended to exercise and continuing to move your body around.


Can a vegan diet improve my health?

Vegan diets contain no dairy, meat products or any animal products which means there’s a large reduction of saturated fats and cholesterol. This is very beneficial when it comes to cardiovascular health. Other health benefits is that a vegan diet helps manage type 2 diabetes and the American Diabetic Association recommends a vegan lifestyle as a standard diet.

Many researchers believer a healthy vegan diet can help prevent many deadly diseases such as cardiovascular disease, prostate cancer, breast cancer, and colon cancer. A healthy vegan diet also helps manage osteoporosis, cataracts, macular degeneration, body mass index, weight loss, energy and healthy glowing skin.


What role does a vegan diet have in getting healthy skin?

The vitamins and antioxidants promote healthy skin and also strong hair and nails. Cheese is a very delicious and popluar food, but it also causes acne. People who’ve switched to healthy vegan diets have also reported clearer skin and less breakouts. For many people, going vegan is the answer for the clear skin they’ve always dreamed of.

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