The LaySee Pillow
The LaySee Pillow

Finally! A way to comfortably lie on your side while wearing glasses! 

That's right - we are the creators of The LaySee Pillow and this is our story...

Julia Cook, Derek Bringardner, and our cat, "Brutus" - Ohio natives experiencing their first Arizona summer.

 We came about this idea while doing what most mid-twenty somethings do on weeknights - binge watching Netflix. I was thinking (and eventually yelling) about how hard it is to comfortably lie down while wearing glasses. Surely, I can't be the only person with this problem. 

Low and behold there is a whole community of fellow visually impaired people dealing with the everyday struggles of wearing glasses. 

After attempting to find a product that would solve this problem online, we quickly realized that there isn't anything out there...yet...


It was very evident right away that we had to design a pillow that had a divot in the middle so as to protect the arm of the glasses from being pushed into your face sending your glasses askew. We knew that the pillow had to be firm enough to hold its shape so that you don't sink into the divot, but also soft and flexible enough to be comfortable.

We began making prototypes from large foam blocks we bought at the craft store and molded them using an electric carving knife. After testing out multiple hand-made designs of the pillow, we finally perfected the dimensions. Obviously the craft store foam was just a starting point, The LaySee Pillows will actually be made of a Latex fill - sturdy but soft; durable, and comfortable. 

We knew from the beginning that we wanted to use latex filling for the pillow. Latex is superior because not only is it resilient enough to hold the special shape of The LaySee Pillow, but it’s also one of the highest-rated pillow materials for comfort. After testing out other materials such as synthetic filling, cotton, and down, we began to see that only latex or foam would be sturdy enough to maintain the design of The LaySee Pillow. Once we began to compare different foam materials such as Memory Foam, and other blended foams, we determined that latex was in fact the optimal material for The LaySee Pillow. While other materials may be cheaper to use than Latex, our goal is to construct a high quality pillow that will last for years to come. 

After we had a tangible product, we tested the market using very minimal advertising (primarily just social media) and were amazed at the support we received and the responses we got on the product.

Now we're ready to get The LaySee Pillow manufactured, and that's where we need your help!


The proceeds from all our gracious backers will be used to fund the first round of production. We already have multiple manufacturers ready to work with us who have seen our design and have the ability and resources to create a custom mold. The primary expenses are the creation of the mold, the production of the pillows based on Minimum Order Quantity, as well as the shipping from the manufacturer to us. 

We are excited to begin this journey of taking an idea we are passionate about and sharing it with the world. We hope you will continue to follow us throughout our next steps. Thank you for taking the time to learn about our product. 

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