The Laughing Backpack (World tour and Documentary)
The Laughing Backpack (World tour and Documentary)

To make a world tour of laughter, that’s my project. 

With a backpack, a camera, and a passport, I’m ready for a one-year world tour through the 5 continents to create a documentary about what makes the world laugh. 

Do all people laugh? Do we laugh at the same things? What’s universal? Is laughter useful? Those are some of the questions I’ll try to answer. 

I'm taking off on the 5th of September of 2016 for about 15 countries (Sweden, Russia, Israel, Palestine, Kenya, South Africa, Uruguay, Chili, Costa Rica, Australia, Japan, Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, India…) in order to meet laughter artists, specialists, people using laughter to heal… 

Of course, I need your help me make this crazy dream come true. I need your contacts for interviews, volunteering, housing and especially your funding.

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