The Last One: JFK Returns - A Novel
The Last One: JFK Returns - A Novel

This project has already launched.

About this project

My book is about an urban fantasy where JFK is rehabilitated in heaven and returns to Earth to seek out the person or persons who really ordered his assassination.  JFK is helped by heavenly Angels who, as a team, get into position to find JFK's assassin.  The Angels are specially equipped with telepathic, and other extra-sensory powers that finally hone down on the assassin(s).  JFK is the 'patsy' and he is never in any type of danger because, as his Operator tells him, he has already died and his renewed body is going to be untouchable.  JFK's most important role in his life is to find out his killer(s) and ultimately, to save the world from these criminals.

My book is just now in its early chapters but I am encouraged by my supporters that this is a good yarn and that readers will want to buy it and see what happens to the New JFK.

We all have fond memories of JFK and his Camelot years.  Everyone hated that he was cut down in his youthful career as President of the USA.  I want to tell you that there is always a way to get back at those who hurt you, and that is through Heaven.  Heaven will provide Karma for those who are injured because they are good and peace loving.  

This story is for those who are still young and idealistic at heart.

Risks and challenges

There are few risks in getting this project off the ground. I am a writer, and I am currently taking graduate courses to achieve a Masters in Fine Arts in Creative Writing. I think that the funds will be used for expenses in writing, publishing and promoting this book. It should be stated that I have attempted to shop the book idea (as a graphic novel, not a straight-out novel) to literary agents and there have been none who wanted to take it up. So I am depending on you, my backers, to help me get this story published.

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