An Easy Way to Clean Laces
An Easy Way to Clean Laces

Are you tired of hand  scrubbing the laces of your nice "kicks" in the sink?

If you try to just toss your laces in with the wash, the laces WILL get tangled with your wash, or worse...the washer's mechanisms, or moving parts (Yeh, I was stupid enough to try it one day. Got lucky. The machine is fine.. but next time maybe not!).

Introducing the Laces Laundry Ball. The first ever laundry ball that lets you wash laces quickly and easily in the washer with a normal load of laundry.

Nowadays, athletic footwear is fashionable and expensive. Every time you buy a pair of Jordan’s, Nike’s, Under Armour, or even throw back shell toe Adidas; its more like an INVESTMENT rather than  a simple shoe purchase. So now, more than ever...consumers want to keep their shoe "investments" looking like new for as long as possible.

The leather or suede shoe itself is practically no problem to get clean with all the spray cleaners that's on the market. But try and Google- "Easiest way to clean shoelaces". You'll get a wide range of pages and YouTube vids explaining ways to scrub shoe laces.

Here are but a couple of examples: or

By now you're probably thinking...."Laces are not expensive. People can just go out and buy a new pair of laces." Anyone that has ever attempted to find, and match the EXACT colorsize, and texture of laces that came with the shoe that you bought, will tell you that it's virtually impossible to find and/or match. And even if you got lucky enough to find laces that match, now you have bright new laces in a slightly worn shoe. Not a good look at all.

The end of hand scrubbing laces!
The end of hand scrubbing laces!

This is 2018.  "Why isn't there a way yet to just toss your dirty laces in the washer with the rest of your laundry? Introducing the "Laces LAUNDRY BALL". Just toss the Laces LAUNDRY BALL in the washer with your regular wash using your favorite detergent, and bleach/stain remover. The agitator tabs inside of the ball adds extra washer agitation to help get ground in dirt out your laces and to help keep them from tangling. Laces LAUNDRY BALL is also dryer safe. PATENT PENDING.

Easy To Use - Just toss it in the washer!

Great for washing "Scrunchies" and  Hair Ties too!

Ladies, The Laces LAUNDRY BALL is also an EASY way to get your favorite "Scrunchies" cleaned. Simply place your scrunchies into the ball. "Snap" the ball halves together; then toss'em in the washer with a normal load of laundry.

When the wash is complete, remove the Laces LAUNDRY BALL from the washer that contain your "Nice and Clean" scrunchies. Air dry, or toss the Laces LAUNDRY BALL in the dryer. The Laces LAUNDRY BALL is DRYER SAFE.

Because the scrunchies stay contained in the Laces LAUNDRY BALL, there is no worry of losing your scrunchies in the wash.

So get your "Scrunchie" out of the sink, and use the Laces LAUNDRY BALL.

Pre-Order Your
Pre-Order Your "Laces LAUNDRY BALL" Today

The Laces Laundry Ball is currently available for pre-order on this Kickstarter page. Choose a reward to get yours!


Moms- Those baby and kids "Air Jordan's" are as EXPENSIVE AS  ADULT SHOES. The average mom would want to keep those Jordans clean, and looking new for as long as possible without the hassle of having to scrub the laces, or going out and buying new laces that probably would not match the original laces anyway.

College Students and TEENS, TEENS, TEENS!!

Need I say more. Fresh looking kicks has been a sort of way of life for teens for generations. Keeping those "Jordans" fresh looking is essential to impress at school, the club, spring break, etc. Students also seem to be always in a hurry, or pressed for time to get somewhere. Using the “LLB” to wash (and dry) their laces is a fast and easy method to complete  their "Touch-up" sneaker  cleaning.

So...there you have it. The Laces LAUNDRY BALL.




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