The Junkers [motorcycle-themed digital art & illustrations]
The Junkers [motorcycle-themed digital art & illustrations]

This project has already launched.

The Junkers, in the person of Gianpaolo Bertoncin, carries out motorcycle-themed illustrations.

The idea was born from the union between passion for motorcycles and for illustration.

The Junkers project started almost as a game but I have already produced a lot of artworks, such as those for Rodaggio FilmBackroad BallCamel Square Moto ShopDe Angelis Elaborazioni and others.

As well as on my website, you can read something about my works even on Rocket Garage.

The Junkers graphics have a great impact on the famous Society6 site where you can purchase a full range of graphics products from thousands of artists around the world.

In my creations I sometimes start from a hand-drawn sketch and then I transfer the idea to the computer. That is the basis for creating the illustration I have in mind. Other times, however, I draw directly to my pc or, if asked, I start with a photo.

Well, considering the growing success and the good response I received for my graphics, both from motorcycle enthusiasts and from non-bikers, I think it's time to put more gear to the potential of my work. I would like to replace my current old computer wich often, while I'm working, does the whims and I lose a lot of time. I would also like to replace my beloved pen tablet because I practically consumed it by using it!

I got to place where, if I want to improve my works and to handle bigger and more complex illustration, I have to improve my tools.

As a digital illustrator, my dream is to own a Mac with a big monitor and (maybe the most important thing for my job) a cintiq pen display. Then softwares, a new scanner and, you know, some nerd stuff.

Now I'm adapting to the tool. I need the tool adapts to my ideas.

Would you help me to achieve my goal?

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