The Instagram Journal
The Instagram Journal

This project has already launched.

Hey Gang,

I'm Jésabel, a Montrealer turned digital nomad.

I started writing this book because for the past year, I've been living in Europe and travelling constantly, but I haven't been able to make the genuine Instagram feed that I had imagined. I was getting caught up in all of the strategies people obsess over, and felt like if I didn't have a lot of followers, there was no point. I had forgotten that all I wanted to do was to share my story.

The Instagram journal is all about that. Sharing your story genuinely.

I'm starting my Instagram feed fresh on the day of the Kickstarter launch. Check it out here: @JESABELDC 


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The Instagram Journal is a 5-in-1 guide for turning your Instagram into a tool to live a happier, better, more genuine life.

  • Discovering and defining your ideal self
  • Using Instagram to get closer to that ideal self of yours
  • Learning how to story-tell in a way that is genuine
  • Planning the details of your feed to streamline all the other stuff
  • Learning from Influencers who do a bang up job at what they do
  • Discovering resources that will take your Instagram game further


The Instagram Journal is about sharing your story and using your feed as a journal to help you become closer to your Influencer Self.

What does that mean?

Well, there's your real self, which is the version of you that you are right now. And there's your ideal self, which is the version of you that you dream to be. I call this your influencer self.

The Instagram Journal is made for you to define who your Influencer Self is.



It's called The Instagram Journal for a reason. You'll be journalling as you go along, answering questions about yourself and what you want out of your feed to make it simple to create and maintain a beautiful Instagram feed.



I'll be gathering lessons from Influencers who do a bang up job at being genuine so you can learn how they go about doing it! I want you to learn not just from words, but by visual examples of people who do what they do well.



The journal is jammed packed with things for you to fill out. From deciding on what type of posts to make to choosing your filter recipe, there's everything you need to concretely plan your feed.

"Plan your work, then work your plan."



The goal is to share your story organically and on a whim. There's nothing that bums me out more than wanting to share a post and having to look up for the right hashtags. You'll get to organize and plan hashtags ahead of time based on what kind of content you're posting.




The journal comes with a downloadable resource guide that is full of the best apps, websites and tools to make your Instagram life easier and make your content top notch. 

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