"The Independent" - TV Series

A daring TV series written by Tim Harrold and produced by Harrold Productions in conjunction with Legacy Entertainment Partners. The Independent dares to make you think, entertain you, inspire you and make you laugh! 

In the wake of the country’s political chaos, Jeff Smith is deeply affected by the reaction of the American people. One afternoon in the company of his best friend, Mark, and wife, Katie, he expresses his deep concern for the people. Listening to his rants, they dare him to run for President. Mark states; “put up or shut up”. He goes online and registers Jeff as a candidate for President. Reluctantly Jeff goes along with it just to shut them up. Mark talks Jeff into making a video about how he would do things if he were President and they post it on social media sites. The video goes viral and Jeff becomes an instant hit amongst social media viewers. As he gains popularity, dollars start rolling in to the “campaign”. Jeff is reluctant to continue because of the attention just that one video brought. However, he is confronted with the fact he might be labeled a fraud because money was donated to his campaign. Jeff hesitantly continues with the campaign expecting to do nothing more than have “15 minutes of fame”. He couldn’t be more wrong. As he starts doing interviews on mainstream media and releasing more videos on social media, his popularity continues to soar. Jeff assembles a team lead by Mark and a group of friends that have specialties in law, political science and marketing. Jeff is dismissed by mainstream media as a “viral internet candidate” and is not recognized by the main Republican or Democrat candidates despite Jeff’s continuing fame. Jeff is contacted by an Independent Texas State Senator about his choice for Vice-President. The State Senator is a great-grandson of ex-President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, James Roosevelt. Jim convinces Jeff that they could have a real shot at the Presidency because social media is the voice of the people while mainstream media is the voice of Corporate America and its people who vote! The campaign of Smith-Roosevelt is born and with a VP with name recognition, the mainstream media takes a little notice. In a whirlwind of social media campaigning, grass-roots door-to-door campaigning and the American citizen’s dissatisfaction with the current political system Jeff and Jim are elected to the White House! So, what happens when a person “of the people” becomes the “most powerful man in the country”?

During his first year in office Jeff is completely overwhelmed by the scope of the job. Using every resources afforded him, he handles it in a fashion never-before-seen in the White House. From cancelling meetings for afternoon massages, to playing multi-player video games with his daughter and Secret Service agents, Jeff brings a fresh change of lifestyle of a president. What happens when the “average person” has to entertain and host a State Dinner or is confronted by a Middle Eastern political leader who feels the United States owes this country? The main thing on his agenda is bringing America back together and stopping the division in politics. Jeff brings interesting solutions to possible government shutdowns and partisan political deadlocks. As one Senator says; “he can’t do this!” the Vice President politely reminds him, “actually, yes he can and it should have been done a long time ago”. Jeff gets himself on the bad side of Corporate America and the mainstream media due to his inexperience and his indifference to “how things are done” all the while endearing himself to the American Public. As Jeff gets himself in questionable situations his long-term future looks cloudy and Jim Roosevelt has second thoughts about his future with the new President. Roosevelt, not knowing if Jeff can sustain his effectiveness, starts forming political alliances behind Jeff’s back. Once Jeff realizes what is happening, how does he handle it? With no experience in Foreign Relations, the political mistrust, challenging the status quo, a First Lady who knows nothing about being a First Lady, a teenage daughter who is spunky and intelligent, Jeff is always finding new challenges behind every door he opens!


There will be several low priced "Backer Rewards" ranging from $5 to $50 that will be personal for the backers. Higher priced backers will get one of a kind rewards along with opportunities to be on-set or even get a piece of the project.


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