Ice-Olate Tray - Keep it Fresh & Avoid the Mess
Ice-Olate Tray - Keep it Fresh & Avoid the Mess


The Ice-Olate Tray™ keeps your food fresh and avoiding a watery grave.  Don't waste food and your hard earned money; let the Ice-Olate Tray™ do it's job, by keeping your cooler clean and stress free.




We have all reached into a cooler to grab something only to find it full of melted ice, digging through gross water to retrieve food.  It makes a mess, ruins your food and is stressful to clean up.  The Ice-Olate Tray™ is the's the product you've always wanted but didn't know it.

Until now the only solution to this problem is a spigot to drain the water; which isn't a solution at all, because it doesn't solve the problem of a soggy food mess.  Like this picture below....... a little hot dog juice the mixed with your lettuce and grapes........  NO THANKS!



We came up with an innovative "patent pending" tray that allows melted ice water to pass through the tray, keeping the food and other contents dry.  You will no longer have to find your food swimming in cross-contaminated dirty water.  It definitely makes life a little more stress free.


After creating a rough prototype from cardboard, foam and plastics, we perfected a patent-pending universal tray that:

  • Is an FDA Approved polyethylene

  • Is moisture resistant

  • Holds up to 75 lbs of food, beverages and ice

  • Allows between 15-20 lbs of ice melted under the tray

  • Assemble without tools

  • Is dishwasher safe

  • Is universal to most 45-80 quart non-wheeled ice chests

The Ice-Olate Tray™ is designed to be taken with you wherever you're going:

  • The Beach
  • The Campground
  • The Lake
  • The Skiing Trip
  • The Tailgate Party
  • Sporting Events
  • Picnic in the Park

 It’s simple to install the legs.  Just a slight tap with a hammer, and its ready to go.


 The components of the tray are what makes the tray work so well.  We have a "patent pending system", to make it exclusive for The Ice-Olate Tray™. This "System" causes the melted ice to fall down to the bottom of the cooler, keeping the food dry above the tray; while decreasing the ability for the water to resurface above the tray.


Lab tests show that it requires more than 100 lbs to cause the tray to break.  Not that you would ever have that much weight in your cooler, but we just want you to know that it's tough.


The Ice-Olate Tray™ is compatible with most Igloo, Coleman, Yeti and Rubbermaid non-wheeled ice chests, between 45 and 80 quarts.

After several iterations and prototype ideas, we have tested them in real world scenarios and asked for input from friends and associates who would use The Ice-Olate Tray™.

After 3-months, the testing gave us great results, leading us to the version of the The Ice-Olate Tray™ we would like to produce.



The quality, and function, of Ice-Olate Tray™ is extremely important to us.  We are working with the best companies to keep the products integrity, yet make it for an affordable price.  

To make this possible, we are asking for your help to make The Ice-Olate Tray™ available to everyone.


This has been a work in progress for the last several years, and nothing has been left out.

We’ve taken care of the design, the testing, contracted the best manufactures for optimizing quality and price. We’ve chosen the packaging, and are lining up distribution, for the game-changing product.  We are now ready for production.

And all we need, is YOU..... that's right, YOU!  YOU can help make The Ice-Olate Tray™ a success by sharing this with your Friends, and funding it's launch on Kickstarter!!!




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