The Helper Hare - An Easter Tradition
The Helper Hare - An Easter Tradition

This project has already launched.

The Helper Hare™ An Easter Tradition is the story behind the magic of Easter. The Easter bunny is very busy as you can imagine. Just like Santa who has his elves, the Easter Bunny has these Hares that help.  These Hares help with everything. They paint the eggs and they make the baskets. They make the chocolates and they build the toys. The Easter Bunny also likes to know how your children are behaving, and have they been helpful and good. A week or two before Easter, The Helper Hare will show up in your home to help encourage your children to be responsible, helpful and good. Late at night when they go to sleep, the Hare reports back to the Easter Bunny on what has been seen.  Day after day the Hare returns to your home and your kids will love finding the Hare each morning.  Being helpful and good will earn Easter treats. 

The Helper Hare™ An Easter Tradition is a 28 page heavy cover children’s book, that has 27 full color illustrations. This box set includes the book, 11” premium plush Helper Hare, and endless possibilities. The best part about The Helper Hare™ is that it is up to you on how you want to use it. While the Hares love helping out at Easter, they also like to be helpful throughout the year. Our ultra-soft plush toy and story are a great tool and activity for any home, school, daycare or place children may need a little bit of encouragement. Our product is perfect for parents and families with children ages 0 - 10.  Grandparents who love to spoil and teach their grandkids can join in and have some fun with a Hare in their home. The Helper Hare™ can be used day to day, or any way you like. Make it fun and occasionally have The Helper Hare™ show up, just to check in and say "Hi". Your kids will love the surprise visit and will be reminded to be responsible, helpful, and good. How helpful the Hare can be is only limited by your creativity.

We have come so far on this project and with your help and support, we can bring The Helper Hare™ to life. We aren’t asking you to just buy a product, we’re asking you to help us build a brand. We have trademarked The Helper Hare™, and have copyrighted our story An Easter Tradition. Our plush toy sample is complete and our first 5000 units have been ordered. Illustrations for the book are done, with final color being added. The book layout has begun and is awaiting final colored illustrations. Our package design and artwork are complete, and are currently in production. Our US based printer has been secured, and The Helper Hare™ An Easter Tradition books will be coming hot off the press in March. 

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