The HEALthy Grail
The HEALthy Grail

Copper Grail

Your key to a healthy life

Rajeswari Reddy is a science and technology enthusiast from the childhood. Her unfulfilled dream of becoming a scientist led her to explore the realms of science especially health and nature.

A study of health secrets of various civilizations across the world and the ancient Hindu science of Ayurveda motivated Rajeswari Reddy and team to spread word about the health benefits of drinking water in copper vessels.Also the intricately designed copper utensils found in various Civilisations have gradually disappeared owing to rapid industrialisation in the last decade.This motivated our team to encourage the vanishing skills of hand moulding and carving of copper vessels.

Physical exercise, healthy diet, good environment and a stress free life style are among the most important factors affecting ones health. The ancient hindu science of Ayurveda tells us among other things, about the innumerable health benifits of drinking water from a copper vessel first thing in the morning. This practice which was in vogue in many parts of the world , is lost due to rapid changes in lifestyles of the people.
Our product.

While the benefits of using any copper vessel are the same, we ship copper tumblers and jugs that are hand made from pure copper sheets. Our copper jugs and tumblers are handmade and richly embossed by our skilled craftsman who inherited this skill from their forefathers. Finding these hand made embossed jugs is becoming difficult, as making of these jugs require a lot of skill, patience and time. This art form is vanishing fast owing to growing industrial products and dwindling demand for handicrafts.

Water stored in a copper vessel overnight is positively charged. Copper is a natural Anti – oxidant, Anti-bacterial and Anti – inflammatory. The strong antioxidant properties of copper help fight off free radicals which are one of the main causes of cancer. Drinking water in copper tumblers helps to improve digestion, simulates the brain, helps in synthesis of hemoglobin, slows down ageing and also helps in breaking down of body fat, maintaining a healthy heart and regulates hypertension. Infact many households in India used to store water in a copper vessel and use the same water for Cooking and Drinking puposes. US Food and Drug Administration suggests that an average intake of 12mg / day of copper is sufficient.

The products are competitively priced and offer best value for money.We are trying to keep the art form alive and assure a steady demand for these products, which ensures a steady income for the artisans and at the same time helps you reap the benefits of drinking water in copper vessels.

We sincerely request all of you to support the campaign.

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