The Hatch (Horror Survival/Hunting Video Game)
The Hatch (Horror Survival/Hunting Video Game)

This project has already launched.

About this project


The game is being made on the Unreal engine and uses completely original assets.

I have already been working on this for a few months now, but would love some help!

The game will be available on Steam

I will be posting updates about the progress of the game on my youtube channel:

You can find more images and videos for the game on my portfolio as well:

The Game (The Hatch) will consist of 2 game modes:

The Hatch:

You will try to survive the horrors of the island (On your own or with a friend!) You wake up with no recollection of what you are doing on this beach, after exploring the island to try and find help you find a metal door called the Hatch. With no other signs of life you decide your best bet is to try and get in the Hatch and hopefully radio for help. As you try and succeed at this you will have to avoid/kill the monsters on the island, gather food and water so you don't die, and build shelters so you don't succumb to the elements. On your adventure you will slowly piece together the real reason why you are on the island.

The Hunt:

This takes place 1 month after the events of the Hatch, you come in aid of a call you picked up. Upon getting to the island and setting up a base camp you and your team realize there are monstrous creatures on the island. You (With or without your friends) will go on hunting missions on the island to make it safe. There will be a variety of monsters, in a variety of different locations to visit. Completing these missions will grant you random rewards (Guns, Armour, other devises.) These rewards will help you complete harder hunts! This game mode will be in iron-man mode (meaning if you die your character gets deleted and you have to start over.) This causes the player to rely on teammates or play smarter to complete this mode. One of the idea goals is to have whatever shelters the player built in The Hatch, to remain on the island in The Hunt.

-There will be over 50 different monsters that are all varied, so the game-play wont become repetitive

The video Below is game-play footage from an older version, I'll update with a newer version in due time.

What your money will do:  

-Will make me able to employ someone to help with the game (Mostly coding, and converting my awful blueprints to C++)  

-Will allow me to put more time and effort into this project (Hence will speed up the design process)  

-Will allow me to pay for things like music  

-If enough money is raised then I will get more than one extra person helping  

I will appreciate any money you can help me with. It is my dream to make a game I am passionate about. All money from this Kickstarter will go straight into the final product!

Here are some images from the game itself:

I will post some more images here later in the 30 days!

Risks and challenges

Risks and Challenges

-There always seems to be a problem that I run into regarding something not working how it should (the only thing that can fix this, is just time and effort. Which is something I am very prepared to give)

-Not finding someone who has the skills necessary to help me (I have a few people in mind already, so this hopefully won't be an issue)

-It is a possibility that the deadline will not be met and will have to be pushed back slightly. (I don't want to put anything out there that is not 100%, so delaying things slightly is something to keep in mind)

-If I do not get the funds required for this then I will still carry on with the project in my spare time. It will just take a much longer time.

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