The Guardian Case- The Ultimate leather phone case
The Guardian Case- The Ultimate leather phone case

Coming Soon On Indiegogo- The Ultimate Leather Phone Case, The Guardian Case.


The idea behind the Guardian Case:

Most leather cases have one of the following disadvantages: some come with a cheap plastic framework, which ruins the appearance and the concept of the leather case. Others are built in such a way that makes them very frustrating to use; for instance needing to place the phone inside a holder. Others may look good, but don't protect the phone as they ought. 

We have combined high quality, handmade leatherwork with advanced micro-suction technology, to create the ultimate leather phone case!

Our vision is to create a 100% leather product, that is functional, easy to handle, and non irritating to use. It gives high protection to your phone, and has an exclusive design.

Using micro suction material to attach the phone to the leather case is simple and cool!

Also, we worked really hard to design specialist leather corners to protect your phone, as we discovered that in many instances the cases were using a cheap looking plastic frame, or otherwise leaving the phone unprotected on the corners.

The corners are strong and durable, made with a high quality cutting and sewing process to a very high standard of finish.

These corners make it easy to place your phone in the exact position when taking it in or out of the case.

What is this micro suction pad?

The micro suction pad consists of millions of microscopic suction cups that attach the phone with a vacuum; they hold the phone really tight and yet allow you to take it out easily without leaving any marks or sticky stuff on the back of your phone. You can repeat this action over and over again without wearing out the material.  


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