The Greatest Superpower: T-Shirts for Kindness
The Greatest Superpower: T-Shirts for Kindness

This project has already launched.

The idea for this company came out of a few simple questions: 

  • In this time of increasing divisiveness in America, how can we overcome the divide? 
  • What can we all agree upon, despite many opposing viewpoints? 
  • What is it that can ultimately bring us together?

For me, the answer was to start with Kindness. When I looked at social media feeds and the comments sections after news articles online, I realized that regardless of political viewpoint, everyone was being less kind to each other. And no conversations are possible from that place. It is a way of being that will only lead us to more of the same conflict and strife.

My hope is that most people know and feel, deep down, that being kind is a value that transcends our divergent beliefs and world views. Certainly, if we are going to maintain the values that America was established to protect, we have to relearn how to be kind.

Our apparel is a declaration of a personal commitment to being more kind and more conscious. It is also a powerful way to support artists and non-profits who are making the world more beautiful and more just.

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