The Grafi App / Grafi Messenger
The Grafi App / Grafi Messenger


Grafi, from the Greek word for script, can bring back the personal side of our old way of communicating and combine it with this new digital age technology. Grafi, a mobile app idea of Michael Kourmoulis, will allow the user to text, email and even post on social media in their own handwriting. By attaching their handwritten font to each character on a smartphone keyboard, they will be able to enjoy the simplicity of texting and emailing like they do now. But now, it will come up in their own handwriting. Bringing back the personalization of handwritten letters.  Also, there will be in app messaging (Grafi Messenger) where all you do is log in with your Facebook, Twitter or email, and Grafi will populate your Friends List and you can communicate in realtime in your own handwriting! And later Grafi Mail!

I got the inspiration for this app while reading some letters from twenty years ago, written by my now deceased sister, I realized something very special. I realized that even though I had emails and text messages from her, I felt more emotional over these letters. And it dawned on was because of her handwriting.  

 For centuries, mankind used handwritten letters to communicate with others. Now, in this digital age we live in, we are losing this precious form of communication. Last year, it came out that texting was the #1 form of communication worldwide. How can something so impersonal become the #1 form of communication. What are we teaching this younger generation?

The money raised here on Kickstarter will be used to help cover the initial costs of the development company making the framework and coding of the app, all done by Balliro Commerce Group in Boston, MA. They are a core part of the making of this app.  So please share this with all of your friends and colleagues!

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