Commander Cube
Commander Cube

This project has already launched.

Commander Cube is a subscription box that delivers Magic players across the U.S. a curated set of cards tailored to a theme and color preferences. We will deliver:

  • a set of cards in your chosen color that will help you build a new deck or mesh into your current collection with explanations on possible ways to use the cards to their fullest
  • Two current set boosters
  • and some MTG themed swag or gaming accesories!

We're tired of seeing the same old same old booster box delivery subscription, why subscribe to those if its something you could just pick it up at the store? (probably for much less!) We offer more value per box since we will be packing each box with some awesome cards that are hand picked to work together and make every game night a little more interesting.

As you can see in the graph we will be putting the majority of our budget to acquiring the best possible products we can. We want to guarantee that our box will always have high quality items inside and the only way for us to do that is to make sure we acquire the best we can find.

The best items don't matter if they come in a flimsy little envelope that gets destroyed before it arrives! So we will be using a good portion of our budget on shipping supplies which includes the high grade recycled boxes we will use, the thermal label maker we will need to ship our boxes in a timely manner so everyone gets their box at relatively the same time, and any packing materials that we need to include: like box linings and info sheets on the cards that are included. 

We also want to make sure that the box continues to be available for years to come so we are devoting a small portion of the budget to advertising after the Kickstarter so that we can continue to grow and offer an amazing product!

Anything left over after our initial run will be devoted to a fund for any incidental costs and or extra supplies needed.


Risks and Challenges:

We have already planned out an assortment of cards from some existing stock we have and we know with the funds that we will be able to set up more in the post kickstarter phase before fulfillment. So having the sets ready to send out shouldn't be a problem unless we get flooded with orders! That would just be the best problem to have and we'd kick it into overdrive if it did!

We have the information needed for the shipping costs in the U.S. and have some sample containers for the box already and we should be able to ship our box for a reasonable rate that won't fluctuate much since we will ship through USPS. If we expand to international (Maybe a good stretch goal ;) ) that may increase costs, but that is something we could easy plan in to a seperate European subscription. Theoretically we could support non-english countries if there was enough interest, but I think that would cause a possible problem with product acquisition and would warrant another Kickstarter or just future investment pending interest.

The hardest part about this subscription box will be continually finding our swag and extras that are unique and affordable for us, while still delivering value to the customer. We will not allow a repeat item unless significant time has passed since the box the item shipped in originally and even then we would only allow a variation the previous product. I never want a box to come with amazing cards, a great set of current boosters and then some boring old deck box you could have picked up at a store down the road. So I have pre-scoured the web for hand made items that will satifsy the boxes needs for at least 6 months barring any of the sellers stopping production of their items. This will at least give us a good buffer to continually find items even if there is a short dry spell between new product acquisition.

Honestly, we have the skills to make this box and now we just need your help to do it! Buy one for yourself or buy one for the Magic lover in your life! This box would also be a great way to start playing Magic with each box including explanations on how the cards work together and why they are a valuable set! Help friends learn one of the most popular tcg's on the market without getting frustrated and wasting their money on bad cards!

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