The Gate of R'lyeh
The Gate of R'lyeh

INSANITY  Player do not lose sanity in the same way. After performing certain actions, draw from the insanity deck. Many of the cards do not cause a loss of sanity. Those that do will change the player's ability to investigate, gamble, vote, accuse, research, and contribute.

GODS For the basic game use the 4 gods without special rules (Ithaca, Zahr, Bokrug, and Dagon). For a deeper game and even more replay value add in any number of the additional 8 additional gods included in the game.

 Here are the 8 Gods with special triggers (advanced rules).

EQUIPMENT What does equipment do?  Each equipment item will give an investigator a unique action to be used once during the game or in a few cases, up to 3 times.

THE NECRONOMICON When the chances of creating all 4 sigils before the clock reaches midnight looks bleak, there is something that can be done. Your team can vote to consult the Necronomicon. This is a dangerous and risky proposition. The Investigators may buy themselves some additional time, but failure will mean an immediate and gruesome end. AND one Investigator must volunteer to open the book and take on additional insanity.


No players are eliminated from the game. A discovered cultist is weaken (flip their player card over) and become a bit pesky. They can no longer vote (who would listen to them?), but they still need to be dealt with.


What the altar punch outs will look like

Punch out for the Altars included in the game.


Add the amount to your base pledge and the addon(s) will be taken care of in the post campaign survey.

"I'm backing this game when it launches! Played it twice and it will be become my go to social deduction game! This ain't your grandma's Resistance." - Dean Liggett Board Game Buffet


So what's this all about? I get a free game when I back The Gate of R'lyeh? Yup! You do! Sometimes you just need a portable, small, fast game. Agent 299 is an easy to learn game that gradually reveals more information as you play. Triggering the end game at the right time and not blowing your cover is the tricky part.

2-4 players  about 10 minutes

10 cards in a packet


Shipping will be charged during your post-Kickstarter campaign survey on which you will fill in your shipping address. Our pledge manager will use your shipping address to calculate and charge you for shipping your reward. Listed below are the estimated shipping costs. 

USA: $8-15 (depending on your distance from New York) 

Canada: $20 

EU Countries: $23


The limited edition version of the game is about 2lbs heavier and will add to the shipping cost. (Around $2 US, $10 International)


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