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About this project

Imagine a place where gamers can meet up with other gamers and enjoy high speed internet, have coffee or muffins, and yet still not worry about the equipment getting damaged. A place where gaming tournaments will serve food and drinks. At LITH3X Gaming Lounge the plan is just that. The Gaming Lounge will also feature popular table top games for groups to host games or join in public or private games!

Location: Conway, Arkansas

Venue: New Strip Mall on Dave Ward Dr. (Hopefully)

LITH3X Gaming Lounge will Provide the Following:

  • Bring your laptop or PC and plug in, or rent one of our gaming pc's! 
  • We are using custom counter tops designed by us to contain any possible spill, so you can even have your coffee at the desk!
  • Tournament Hosting
  • Gaming Advice
  • Build your own PC workshops
  • + More

What the funding will go towards:

  • Closing on a venue
  • Equipment needed to host gaming in the lounge (i.e. TVs, Systems, Bar, etc.)
  • Kitchen equipment for baking and coffee making
  • Securing any and all proper licensing 

Note: $20,000 won't cover everything, but it will be an amazing start to get the coffee shop up and running with some gaming equipment. (possibly) I will be putting everything I have in to this and greatly appreciate your support. Thank you so much in advance to all of you who have helped in reaching each and every milestone!

Risks and challenges

A damage free gaming lounge will come with a few complications.

Proper PC cooling and protection from stickiness or spill damage. This can be taken care of out of our 15 years combined experience on building PC's and working with PC's. Our custom desks will have built in canals and pockets to keep from any liquid damage using gravity to keep any liquid from reaching any computer components. Each station will also come with a slot that hold sanitary wipes for the hands!

Another obstacle is obtaining the proper license to own a business in town. However, this can be solved with just the proper funding and paperwork. All paperwork is ready, all we need to do is cover the fees!

How to keep internet running fast with multiple gamers playing is another issue, however, we will be providing extremely high speed internet with a plan in place to install multiple modems and routers if necessary.

Last but not least, the final obstacle will be getting employees. Although, we do not beleive this will be a problem as we will be operating in the city of colleges. College students need part time / full time jobs, which we can offer!

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