The Game of Illness
The Game of Illness

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The Game of Illness


The Game of Illness, created by Douglas A. Ewen, is a table top board game designed to help lower the stigma of mental illness while creating a fun activity that can be played by anyone. The game supports 2 - 8 players and is rated 14+.

At the beginning of the game a player is chosen to be Dr. Wiseacre based on who had the most recent doctor’s appointment. Once picked, Dr. Wiseacre customizes five rules that must be followed throughout the game. This allows players to control the level of maturity depending on who is playing. Once these rules are in place, any player who breaks them will be dealt a punishment card, but we’ll get more into that later.

Each patient (player) has to survive 21 nights in 'The Ward'. Each roll is a night, and there are four different cards that will determine how your night is spent.

The Normal Card - Shows you have been a good patient and allows you to advance further into the game without any punishment or illness added to your turn. This includes awards such as: “Dr. Wiseacre has given you sleep aids to get through the night, no new illnesses are added,” “You were awarded a cure card for good behavior, use it wisely,” and many more awesome ways to drive your friends mad as you go on your way to being cured.


The Punishment Card - When a patient breaks a rule, rolls a certain number, or is dealt a punishment card by another player, they are punished. Punishments can range anywhere from receiving an additional illness you must endure throughout the game, having to wear a blind fold for one or more turns, being sent to seclusion, or having to do something only the mentally ill could make up or even accept. 


The Cure Card - This card helps Dr. Wiseacre cure you by diagnosing your illness correctly and allowing you to remove an illness. Dr. Wiseacre has to make an educated diagnosis through a variety of means such as playing a game of charades or drawing your thoughts, and with a little luck, you may just be able to remove an illness. 


The Illness Card - This is what you don't want. The Illness Card will give you an 'illness' that will make playing the game harder for you and get you in more trouble as the game goes on. For example - an illness could be ‘Split Personality' card which makes you have to wear a different article of clothing each turn and speak with an accent. If you do not comply you get punished by the Dr. You could also get the 'Voices' illness that, obviously, makes you hear voices. So every time you roll your original turn, you must roll an additional die to see what the voice is telling you to do (e.g. a roll of 1 may tell you try and sneak something from the patient beside you, a 2 may tell you to laugh out loud hysterically every thirty seconds). There are a variety of illnesses, they are not titled under real medical terms to avoid being offensive to players.


The Objective of the Game - The last patient to claw their way out of 'The Ward' with the least amount of illnesses wins the game! You receive illnesses by getting punished for breaking rules or what you roll on your turn.

With 25 games already being manufactured, a bunch of swag supporting the idea, and a lot of it being out of pocket we already have the fan base and future fanatics. Now we just need you!

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