The Full Stack Developer Bundle - Learn By Building 40+ Apps
The Full Stack Developer Bundle - Learn By Building 40+ Apps

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Full Stack Web Developer Course

Imagine a course which can be a go to manual for anybody who wants to learn web programming across multiple domains and technologies. A course which takes you from being a newbie to an expert developer across frontend, backend and support technologies. A content which is practical and rigorous and teaches everything by creating real world apps. 

A course taught by professionals containing real life gems which will improve your productivity and knowledge manifolds. The content will be skill multiplier providing conceptual clarity across different technical domains and help you understand the pros and cons of multiple technologies. It will be a large picture course helping you broaden your perspective and be a better programmer.

Salient Features of the Planned Course

  • Content which will help you learn multiple technologies across front end and backend 
  • Get a bird eye view of various frameworks, technologies and development patterns
  • Master the professional web development techniques
  • Get conceptual clarity on multiple technologies
  • Build over 40+ projects along the instructor
  • Royalty free code to use directly in your apps
  • Be Job Ready  

What this course aim to provide?

This course aims to provide you with all of the necessary knowledge and tools to become a full stack web developer including both front end and back end programming. From start to finish, you will learn how to create basic HTML/CSS layouts, add interactive client side JavaScript, work with relational and NoSQL databases, write server-side code with PHP, Ruby on Rails and much more. This course can turn you from a simple web page designer to a web programming powerhouse with a dozen+ technologies under your belt. While, it is impossible to master every single technology in one course, we will give you a rock solid foundation in some of the most popular and powerful web technologies available.

If you are looking for a job, this course alone will improve your skill set and expand your qualifications.

Why a Full Stack Course?

Completing the full stack course will take you out of your comfort zone and give you the additional skills you need to be a well-rounded web developer. If you have been complacent in basic HTML/CSS web design and you want to expand into server-side PHP or Ruby on Rails, this is the perfect course for you. If you are a hardcore, back-end programmer and you want to learn more about HTML5 or CSS styling, this course is also for you. The full-stack developer is becoming an increasingly important role in the web development of the future as the lines between designer, programmer and administrator are becoming thinner each day. Even if you plan on sticking to one area, this course will at least bring to light what other areas entail. This will help you communicate with your team much more effectively and intelligently.

Content Covered/ Some details about the projects

We will start out with the absolute basics. Putting together a simple webpage and learning about HTML elements, attributes, tables, forms and more. You may already know some of this stuff but it will be a good refresher for you. Then we will move on to CSS3 and how to position, style HTML elements and even create simple transitions and animations. In addition to basic HTML, we will look at HTML5 which will include all of the new elements along with the extensive APIs including web storage, geolocation and canvas. These can be used to make your website or application more dynamic. We will cover client side, interactive programming with JavaScript, jQuery and JSON including projects like a Github profile search app and a jQuery slideshow application.

We will also work with multiple back-end technologies such as PHP, Ruby on Rails and Node.js. Some projects include a todo list with CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) functionality, a book store, an album collection app and projects that use 3rd party APIs like Spotify and Google Maps.

We will cover different types of databases in this course. Relational databases such as MySQL and PostgreSQL as well as modern NoSQL databases like MongoDB and CouchDB. We will be using multiple tools such as PHPMyAdmin to manage MySQL and the Mongo Shell to manage MongoDB. Some other related technologies you will learn are Redis and the Memcached object caching system which is used in speeding up dynamic web applications by alleviating database load

In addition to front-end and back-end development and programming, we will look at common tools such as the Git and Subversion version control systems,some debugging tools and task runners like Grunt and Gulp

What are the benefits of this course?

There are many benefits to taking the Full Stack Web Development course. One of the most important is that it will take you from being a certain type of developer to being someone that can understand all aspects of web application and website development. Instead of someone hiring you and another person or even multiple developers, you will be able to handle a much bigger load, which will in turn,make you more successful in doing what you love. You will learn the fundamentals of many technologies and will be able to continue to learn more and grow into the best developer that you can possibly be to being someone that can understand all aspects of web application and website development. Instead of someone hiring you and another person or even multiple developers, you will be able to handle a much bigger load, which will in turn, make you more successful in doing what you love. 

To Summarise:

This course will be a good reference material for acquiring multiple skill set

One course to master technologies related to front end, back end and everything in between

Learn by building tons of projects and real world apps

A complete skill enhancer useful for developers across multiple domains

The only course which will provide you a cross domain perspective for so many different frameworks and technologies

In short it is The One Course to Rule Them All

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