The Frum Farm ~ Kosher Farm Stay Adventure
The Frum Farm ~ Kosher Farm Stay Adventure

This project has already launched.

Ever wanted to go on an adventure vacation, but couldn't find kosher accomodations? The Frum Farm is your kosher, funtastic answer!

As many more observant Jews become interested in venturing out to exciting vacation locales, the big obstacle they face is being able to have kosher food while out of the cities, and off the beaten path. 

The Frum Farm ~ Shaare Shamayim has the answer! You can stay in a quiet, peaceful location, where there is clean air, and a billion stars light the night sky like nowhere else - and still have glatt kosher food! ...and it gets better yet!

Here at the Frum Farm, we will be building 12 cottages - 4 at each phase - each of which will comfortably accomodate a family [of up to 10], and will have fully kosher kitchens. Additionally, we plan to build a small alpine slide (for those not familiar with what this is, see these to get an idea: and, and possibly a small steam train. We will have all organic produce, as well as our own chickens, and other animals, including yaks! Yaks are amazing (& kosher) animals, from which can be obtained not only meat, but milk and wool as well - plus they are so friendly, children like to ride on them :-)  

At the farm, there will be campfire kumzits, an on-site shul & kosher mikvah, fun things for the kids to do - and did we mention the kosher food?! We will have a playground for the children, with fun play equipment + oversized musical instruments and a fun house! At some point, we plan to have "catch your dinner" fishing on the farm, where you can try your hand at angling, and when you catch a fish, we will prepare it for you fresh and delicious right away! For the very adventuresome types, we may even be able to arrange hiking and fishing excursions - especially since we are right in the middle of so many beautiful sights, such as the Grand Mesa and the Black Canyon, and many other wonderful attractions!

For those who would like to get involved and have a personal part in building the farm, you are welcome to imagine ways to put your skills and talents to use, creating a lasting legacy in your name! Have you ever wanted to make a cactus or rock garden, or are you talented at building things, sewing, painting, music, etc.? The only limit to the things you can do at The Frum Farm is your own imagination! Even children can get involved - everyone can paint a wooden flower in your own unique way, with your name on it, to "plant" in our artsy wooden flower garden - so much more fun than signing a guest book!

This campaign will enable us to build the first four cottages and the alpine slide. Please help us to build the accomodations at a place where Frum Jews from all backgrounds are warmly welcomed into a fun & kosher family adventure! Shaare Shamayim is your opportunity to experience and partcipate in living Torah in a very tangible way! Come experience spiritual heights, as well as a state of physical well being, being free of stress and breathing fresh, clean air, out where the eagles soar through wide open skies! (...and who knows, you might even decide that you'd like to join us living on the farm ;-) 

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