The Fo Pack. Minimal Lightweight Packable Backpack.
The Fo Pack. Minimal Lightweight Packable Backpack.
Today for tomorrow. At Black Terrain we aim to innovate and design only products that can be used timelessly.

While the Fo Pack we created does not boast any new space age or scientific new materials, it’s made from classic and durable materials that we know and trust. YKK has made a name for itself in the past century for creating the most durable and trusted zippers and hardware, so it was a no brainer for us to use only YKK hardware throughout the sewing and production process.

We simply wanted to create something that already blends in to your busy lifestyle. Picking up your backpack should be an afterthought, almost like breathing it’s become part of your daily routine, and it should simply be embedded into your mind, like muscle memory.

Why the Fo Pack? There’s already a ton of packable backpacks on the market, even lighter than yours.

Why not? The Fo Pack is actually 17 ounces in weight total. Which makes it super lightweight still. But it’s dual layer 420 Denier Nylon make it more thick and durable than other competitors. We kept it plain and simple. A backpack should not be super colorful and ostentatious like a peacock. The Fo Pack gorgeously blends in and functions as a regular backpack when you need it to, while you can rest assured it can take a beating because of the double stitched reinforced nylon.


It’s super compact! We love using this thing so much that our staff each keep one in our cars in case of adventure.

The Fo Pack comes in a small pouch and simply unfolds into a masterpiece of a backpack.

The wide loop zipper pulls make it easy to access important pockets. Rucksack style drawstring on the main pouch give the backpack a classic appeal, however the fastening system of the top compartment secures your goods instantly.


Variety, variety, variety. Instead of settling for a bright orange backpack, or just plain old black. (there’s nothing wrong with just black) The Fo Pack comes in 5 colors. Black, Military Green, Olive Green, Navy, and last but not least Desert Tan.

Fo Pack Shown in Navy with Exterior Functions

It’s also great variety of colors make it outstandingly appealing since at the early bird price of $40, you could grab a few of these, one for each member of the family. We are also confident everyone you know will want one we included a family pack option, where you can even choose any color your heart desires.

The design of the Fo Pack, makes it easy to access the main storage compartment. Just unbuckle the two clasps and lift the top pocket over and you can pack everything you need. With a total of 24 liters of storage, it has room for all your necessities, and will fit 3 days worth of essentials easily. This versatile design is not only lightweight but handy when you need it for work or a quick trail adventure.

“Pack Everything You Need and Nothing You Don’t”
13" inch Water Proof Nylon Sleeve

With an arsenal of pockets at your service, the Fo Pack has very conveniently accessible pockets and sleeve. There’s a 13 inch wide sleeve along the back that you can stuff your 12 inch MacBook and iPads in. And the adjustable drawstring cord allows you to compress or expand the main compartment of the backpack to your size requirements in a flash. And the top securely buckles together and keeps your stuff neatly packed so it won’t fall out on your journey. There’s also a top compartment at the tip of the bag with a zipper seal to quickly access necessities. i.e. phone , passport, protein bar.

The WIDE MOUTH zipper pulls are the most convenient zipper pulls ever. No more fiddling to find where the zippers start or end. With the Fo Pack, you can easily spot and open your bag in a zip.

Easy and fun to pack.
The Fo Pack is always ready for adventure.

Going someplace wet? This beast of a backpack has a Durable Water Repellent or DWR coating, which makes most liquids pool up on top of the surface to be easily patted or wiped off, keeping your belongings dry and the backpack stain free. It also has a waterproof front pocket sealed zipper. The zipper is coated with a rubberized track, which makes it snag proof and will keep moisture out.

The Fo Pack is always ready for adventure.

Even though the Fo Pack adventure system is super compact , we managed to add this awesome compressible mesh cushion padding to make wearing the arm straps more comfortable. For extra back support we included an adjustable sternum strap secured by an industry top tier YKK buckle and harness. We didn’t have to be afraid to pack heavy. The dual reinforced stitched nylon outer shell wouldn’t rip even when we tried to carry 30 pounds of weights inside. ( although we wouldn’t recommend straining your back that much. )

YKK AQUASEAL® Zipper Technology

The backpack is just a timeless classic, we know for a fact that this silhouette that we chose has the appeal of a classic rucksack, but it still has a very sporty and adventurous feeling to it. While at the same time its very minimal and the color options are fairly neutral and blend into the daily environment quite well. You wouldn’t want to stick out like an eyesore and draw unwanted eyes to your backpack full of belongings, now would you? It’s discreetness is a plus when travelling or being on your daily commute.

The Fo Pack all geared up.

The exterior gear loop attachments allow you to fasten your hiking poles, fishing rod, survival axe, or tent poles securely to either side of the backpack. It has an elastic drawstring that you can tighten down to whatever circumference you need.

We’ve even had our staff use it as a grocery bag, best ten cent savings ever! With the California Plastic Bag Ban in place, it can be frustrating to look for a bag or carry around stupid hipster looking tote bags around all day. Tried and tested, the Fo Pack is Whole Foods friendly. Just make sure to ring up all your items at checkout before rushing out on a new adventure.

All in all , we wanted to make something people will actually use after they buy it. Our closets are stuck with bulky weird looking backpacks and luggage, and it’s a problem. The Fo Pack is reasonably priced at $40 on our Kickstarter, and it’s jam packed with functions that necessary to keep up with our busy schedules and strong enough to take on even the most rugged adventures.

Now it’s up to you, you can own one of these bad boys by backing our project on Kickstarter.

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