The Flip Wallet
The Flip Wallet

This project has already launched.

The Flip Wallet is a Modern Bi-Fold. It keeps seven of your cards accessible in a shockingly natural way, and everything else in a versatile and familiar bi-fold pocket. 

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     It's an interesting question to ask, in a time when the possible functionality of a wallet is being explored in spades. You've got wallets featuring everything from combination locks to carabiners, as well as a number of variants on the ultra-thin metal wallet. In fact, modern wallet design seems to be headed in two very specific directions - niche designs, that provide very specific benefits, or the extremely-thin single pockets that simply hold your cards together.

     It's not as if there's anything wrong with those - but for those of us who still have a bit of cash, and use more than one or two cards daily, the classic Bi-fold remains the only option, the only wallet design that hasn't become laden with over-specialization. 

    At the end of the day, a wallet's purpose comes down to keeping your finances safe and easy to access, while staying stylish. Yet most wallets these days let easy access take a back seat, prioritizing slimness and strength. Flip does it all, having been designed with its user experience at the forefront - we started with a design that was shockingly natural and familiar to use, and made it stronger, slimmer, and prettier from there.


    Flip keeps up to seven of your cards on hand with six Flip pockets, and one ID slot - all of which are designed to comfortably align with your hands' ranges of motion - all of which make using Flip familiar from first touch. There's no learning curve - your hands fall naturally into place.


     Flip has a lot of layers, but don't let that scare you away - each of Flip's 5 materials is paper-thin. When empty, Flip comes out to under 0.3 inches, or under 8 mm, and weighs less than an ounce. With 7 bills, 5 business cards, and 9 plastic cards, it's still under 3/4". So just because you want a wallet that's thin and strong, doesn't mean you can't have one that's complex in form and function, too.

     And it holds quite a bit too - the GIF below shows Flip holding 9 cards, 7 business cards, and 10 bills, with room to spare. 


    Between the fabric color, screen printed design, and design color, there are 45 possible versions of the Flip wallet, so you'll definitely find one to suit you. Check those out below.


     Besides the Flip Wallet itself, we've got one other reward for you - at every reward tier, even the lowest ones, you'll receive a beautiful sticker of one of Flip's designs, specially fit onto a transparent, 4" x 2" vinyl sticker. Because who doesn't like a sticker? 

    And while wallets won't be ready to ship until February 2017, we'll be sending out stickers next month within the US, so that you feel appreciated as soon as possible - which is the important thing!


    As Flip launches, we're excited to offer one-of-a-kind Flip wallets, with designs that are drawn just for you by your request. That process will start as soon as you'd like, although the wallets themselves still won't ship until February 2017. It does cost quite a bit more, reflecting the significantly higher cost of printing a design a single time.

    That being said, if you want to get something original or personal printed on a slim wallet that always feels natural to use, this is your chance! We may choose not to continue offering custom designs moving forward. Note that we'll redraw or modify any provided artwork to print well as a single color, so keep that in mind before backing that reward.


 In classic engineering form, Flip's design has seen 10 iterations since its conception, and 6 in the last year, as It had the honor of being beta tested by 100 people internationally. We've found the kinks, and worked them out, to make sure you get a wallet that we're sure will do everything we say.


In October 2015, Flip won its first pitch competition. This April, it placed third in Hen Hatch, a startup funding competition. Using these funds, we improved Flip beyond our wildest dreams, and conducted an international, 100-wallet beta test.

    Now, with manufacturers found, and the design final, we're here to take our final step in creating a legitimate product - making an order for a production run to a manufacturer. Help us show the world that just because a wallet is modern, doesn't meant it has to be simple!

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