The Fidget Flipper: Worlds simplest yet most effective fidget toy
The Fidget Flipper: Worlds simplest yet most effective fidget toy

This project has already launched.

London-based start-up, Fidgetry, launched a Kickstarter campaign for its second fidgeting product - the Fidget Flipper. This new product is one of the world’s simplest, yet most effective, fidget toys, allowing users to slide it onto their favourite pens and pencils and fidget in a discreet way, no matter where they are.

The Fidget Flipper is a silicon-based product that provides a variety of different fidgeting functions; whether you’re clicking like you would a pen, flipping with like you would a switch, or popping like you would with bubble wrap. The Kickstarter campaign promises a pack of three Fidget Flippers to anyone who makes a pledge towards the final target of £1,000 by 19 September 2017.

The Fidget Flipper follows Fidgetry’s first product, the Spinet, which was a high quality version of the fidget spinners that took over the market in early 2017. Increasing amounts of research have proved that fidgeting helps boost concentration and relieve stress, making fidgeting products an ideal object for anyone from a businessman to a student. A 2015 study also revealed that people with ADHD are more focused when they’re allowed to fidget.  

Dominic Lee-Campbell, Founder of Fidgetry, said: “I started Fidgetry with the intention of designing a variety of innovative fidget toys; to really think out of the box in creating satisfying products to fidget with. After the Spinet, I wanted to challenge myself to see how simplistic I could make a fidget toy without restricting its effectiveness, and I believe the Fidget Flipper truly portrays that.”

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