The Explorer Pack and Classic Tote
The Explorer Pack and Classic Tote

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Introducing The Explorer Pack 

Like all Watch Hill Goods products, the Explorer Pack is constructed from premium materials sourced from and Made in America. If you've been looking for a pack that will stand the test of time, both in style and in quality, your search is over.


How to get one 

Become a backer of this project and pick one of the available rewards. You will be supporting us, the bringing-to-life of the Explorer Pack and or one of our other available products featured in this campaign. In return, you'll receive a special backer discount giving you access to prices that will never again be available. You'll also receive your item/s before they're made available to the general public for purchase at full retail cost. Interested in getting more than one? Check out our Rewards & Add-ons section at the bottom of our project page.





 Explorer Pack



A simple yet highly functional pack featuring our premium waxed canvas and vegetable tanned leather.





 Classic Canvas & Leather Tote


Our Classic Canvas & Leather Tote; classic, timeless style bringing you the perfect combination of materials and construction to give you quick access to anything and nearly everything you could need each day, wherever you go. Perfect for everyday work carry, trips to the beach, diapers... The possibilities are endless.







 Bi-Fold Card Case


When you need and more importantly want simplicity and style to take with you, bring along our Bi-Fold Card Case. Manufactured from premium vegetable-tanned leather, featuring a total of three slots between the interior and exterior, it's a perfect choice when you want to carry a few cards and some extra cash. 






Inspired by adventures along Watch Hill's Napatree Point located in Rhode Island, we sought to create hand-crafted pieces that not only met our needs functionally but also possessed a timeless style that was comfortable and refined all at the same time.




We have been sourcing materials suppliers, coordinating and refining our production methods, and preparing and testing our shipment processes. At the close of this Kickstarter Campaign, we will immediately begin our production processes followed by systematic fulfillment, all the while keeping in communication with our Backers and providing regular and continuing updates. We not only want to produce hand-crafted products for you and generations to come we also want to have you as part of the Watch Hill Goods family.


How to back

I. Select a Reward

Kickstarter only allows you to choose 1 reward to back this campaign. You will not be able to select 2 rewards. You will not be able to exchange an item or items that you don't want for another item that you do want.

II. If you want another item, refer to our Rewards and Add-Ons chart

If you want to add an additional product to your reward, refer to our chart below and simply add the price of the product/s by the amount found next to the item in the chart to your original pledge.

III. Last Step!

All that remains after this step is for us to gather some information after the campaign has come to a close. Details such as shipping information and what products you added on if you did so, will be collected via a survey at that later time.

Rewards and Add-Ons









Thank you for checking out our campaign, we truly appreciate this visit and the time you've taken to read about our project. Even if you can't support our campaign with a pledge, we would love and absolutely appreciate if you'd take just a little more time and spread the word!






Thank you for your support!

We can't thank you enough! Thank you for showing your support and believing in us. We can't wait to get these new products in your hands!






How much can I fit in the Explorer Pack?

To put it simply; a lot. As depicted above, you'll find an internal back pocket that will perfectly accommodate a 15" laptop. Built into the exterior of that internal pocket, you will also find an all brass clasp designed for retaining keys. The remainder of the Explorer Pack will fit a wide range and plenty of items.

Is the Explorer Pack Water-Resistant?

Yes, the Explorer Pack is water resistant. The dual layers of waxed canvas (exterior and internal liner) provide extremely good water resistance. Please keep in mind that it is not waterproof.

Are colors exactly as they appear?

It is very difficult to know whether or not your device/screen is matching the actual colors presented here. However, we have used the universal RGB color scale to standardized all images as best as possible. Please also take into consideration the nature of the all-natural premium vegetable-tanned leather and waxed canvas.

Import Taxes?

Import taxes vary from country to country based on their customs regulations. They are also often dependant upon the price of the product. Please note that you will be responsible for any import taxes or duties on your reward/s.

Where is everything shipped from?

All Watch Hill Goods products are manufactured and shipped from the United States.




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