The Evolution of Chess, Chess on the toroid.
The Evolution of Chess, Chess on the toroid.

This project has already launched.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Projected in the theory of the flow of energy in the universe. 


It is the evolution of chess, because of its complexity and development in the agility of the pieces allows us more creativity and less draws, these ties today are a problem in the world elite and this method of chess on the toroid solves it, forcing the Combat and obtain precious executions in each game.


This gives us the possibility of having a finite universe and in the form of a toroid or geometric torus, by which we can project and make movements through a third dimension generated by a surface of revolution that in this case drives the chips of our science game , Taking with it a significant advance in the complexity and development of the games, assuming that the pieces can carry out dimensional attacks combined with the direct attacks, to demand to the players a greater effort and at the same time to give them the satisfaction of generating sacrifices, deviants, blinds, counter matches, attacks and amazing combinations of the mystique that we find in chess, to delight millions of fans with innumerable games that contribute to the development of new practical ideas applicable to the game and life itself. 


Chess on the torus proposes the combat and as such, must be executed. 


The opportunity to present a game alternative for chess lovers is something really challenging. Well, chess on the torus proposes a new way of playing chess without displacing the classical chess that everyone knows, this out of respect for the great masters that history has left and those who in the present have formed, claiming recognition And the validity of the new behavior of the pieces on the board.

It is exposed in such a way that people who are passionate about chess find more dangers in the development of the game, in addition to the motivation generated by the tactical complications that this method proposes. 


This will help to teach and make everyone interested in this sport, understand the richness of the imagination, the subtlety of the plays, the greatness of inspiration, the beauty of the combinations and the glory of being able to make impressive plays to achieve the same goal, Checkmate.


  Establishing this sport with new ideas around the world will be achieved with the approval and support of each and every one of those passionate about chess, demonstrating that there are new ways for everything. 


It is a matter of accepting a new challenge, a pleasant challenge that arouses new interests, containing the fundamentals and that comes from the interruption of an exciting game, perhaps not the best, but the one game that opened the doors to investigate in the game environment of which today somebody is doing.

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