"The Establishment" Feature Film entertainment project

Shawn M. McAteer, Feature Film Producer 

Telephone: 1-613-552-9147 

 Email: shawn.mcateer@live.ca 

Website: http://www.establishment-themovie.com

Published Author of a best-selling business text titled, “Business Dynamics Equals Business Success” (1990) that can be sourced at numerous college and university libraries across Canada; attended book signings at national association conferences with International Association of Business Communicators (San Francisco, CA + St. John, NB) and Canadian Public Relations Society (Toronto). I have conducted freelance marketing communications management consulting since 1985 and regularly published within trade journals and industry magazines on subjects related to Change Management, Knowledge Management, Strategy Implementation, Leadership Development. I have developed marketing and sales support collateral, trade press articles; and delivered professional presentations to clients, conferences and analysts. I have ten years of relevant work experience, and have published articles “Ìntegrating Brand Leadership” (Branding 101) and content-management-system (CMS) technology white paper titled “Top 10 Reasons for Selecting Xtensible Web Manager” that can be viewed on the Internet/Web; excellent business writing, editing and proofreading skills; advanced working knowledge of MS Office products with advanced Word skills and past direct reports have included graphic designers/ video production developers; exceptional researcher and a persuasive communicator who can express ideas and concepts in a compelling manner, using both text and graphics; superior project management skills, with the ability to prioritize tasks, track projects, forge/ develop and maintain strategic partnerships.

**Shawn McAteer is the author of the business text "Business Dynamics Equals Business Success" that has a Chapter devoted to the subject 'Women in Business' that deals with advancing the role of women within business and issues faced by women in business and society at large - 1990 book was distributed to all Members of Parliament /Senate including all Parliamentary departments on parliament hill influencing all political parties to take a stronger role in identifying/developing/supporting women to pursue public office - CANADA


Feature Film Investor Profile

"The Establishment" feature film project has expressed interest from both identified feature film investors (Longtale, New York Film-Group) including 'A' level actors (Alec Baldwin, David Bowles) 

"The Establishment" will have the an international audience appeal (Canada, United States, Europe/ Germany and United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, Mexico, India, Israel), this international audience has an awareness of subject matter ("behind-the-scenes Establishment" with "enormous power" controlling American policy, whose "principal goal is the establishment of a one-world government where the control of money is in the hands of one or more privately owned but government-chartered central banks. This conspiracy includes such elements as the Illuminati/Club of Rome, the New Age movement, the Freemasons, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission) and able to secure large box office feature film sales the same as Ian Fleming's  James Bond 007 garnered over decades (Billion $$ Brand potential). With the success of this initial feature film release future revenue will be obtained through multiple feature film releases that may  include the development of “The Establishment” TV series based on initial feature film, book (Department of Cinema-Television  - Regent University have been contacted), merchandising, music artist sound track release  (Justin Timberlake/ Tennman Records/ Interscope Geffen A&M have been contacted), product placement. People throughout North America and Europe have heard about, “The Establishment”, and upon feature film release people worldwide will be able to see the movie.  


Feature Film Dedication

Film Dedicated to Victims of Criminal Anti-trust, Dominance, Monopoly, and Collusion

United States public at large outrage -  references:  Occupy Wall Street and  Tea Party and $18 Trillion US Debt including $130 billion monthly interest payments on this US Debt)

"The ESTABLISHMENT" feature film was launched in 2002 - seven years prior to Wall Street financial meltdown of 2008/09


Feature Film  General Counsel  (Funding Retainer $100,000.)

Steven C. Beer &  Kenneth M. Weinrib  & Michael Rudell  

Franklin, Weinrib, Rudell & Vassallo, P.C  
488 Madison Avenue New York, NY 10022 United States 

Website: www.fwrv.com


We work with top film talent in their studio negotiations; entities raising financing for their independently financed feature projects; foreign producers navigating U.S. film financing and distribution arrangements; major record companies with Oscar and Grammy winning soundtracks; television and home video companies acquiring domestic and international rights in motion pictures, through investments, co-productions and pre-sales; owners of iconic children's characters and licensing organizations handling highly valuable merchandising rights; and Broadway producers and film companies acquiring and disposing of motion picture rights in stage and film properties.


Feature Film  Executive Producer (Funding Retainer $100,000.)

Matthew Helderman, Executive Producer  - Buffalo 8 Productions 

 9247 Alden Drive Beverly Hills, CA 90210 

 Website: www.buffalo8.com


04/01/2015   Line Item Budgeting  line item budgets & script breakdowns 

04/01/2015   Strip Board Scheduling - stripboard shooting schedules & script breakdowns for cast  scheduling 

04/01/2015   Business Proposal - detailed & researched packages for equity raise, backend monetization & marketing exposure

04/01/2015   Financial Lead introductions with banking, venture, equity and  private investors. Buffalo 8 Productions is run by the senior partners at BondIt  a  media debt financing firm  with representation at WME. Our relationships include  Northwestern Mutual ($1B of media financing), Pacific Mercantile (2nd largest entertainment bank in Los Angeles), Los Angeles Media Fund (media hedge fund) and  top accredited investors seeking equity opportunities

04/01/2015   Agency & Management Presentation introductions with  managers (Zero Gravity, Up All Night, Brillstein, Thru Line, etc&), agents (WME, CAA,  Gersh ICM, Gersh, APA, Paradigm, others) and executives at the buying and optioning  levels

04/01/2015   Sales & Option Presentation introductions and discussions for optioning, selling,  representing, financing and otherwise involvement in the project.


Risks and challenges

Obstacle/Challenge: The Canada Council for the Arts (www.canadacouncil.ca) has stated that their policy is not to provide funding support for commercial ventures - but funding support only - for not-for-profit ventures. Producer is seeking feature film development funding through Prefundia Donors to fund feature film Development Expenditures as noted with project description.

Producer is offering copy of feature film Screenplay to all Prefundia Donors that is available for download at website www.establishment-themovie.com (Screenplay Section - Download Icon)

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