The Editor: An Intercultural High-Fashion Magazine
The Editor: An Intercultural High-Fashion Magazine

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The Editor Magazine is an intercultural, contemporary, high fashion magazine that embraces beauty, art, culture and lifestyle. We believe it is our responsibility to break the norms traditional media has bound us by and set unconventional boundaries for beauty and fashion through diminishing all conformities and social norms by including all sizes, nations, and cultures. Help us fund The Editor and challenge the unwritten rules of the industry.

We are a print, digital, and online magazine. 

The Impact

The Editor was created by two editors Sienna De L’Orpaz and Dolly Mirpuri who noticed a troubling consistency in publications: all the models are skinny beyond imagination, light skinned, blue eyed, and tower at 6 feet tall. Even living in Asia, most publications and castings favor Caucasian models over Asian. Publications flock to the reigning fashion houses for advertising and clothing for editorials, while small, innovative, and groundbreaking small-time designers have to resort to blogs and other forms of social media where their presence isn’t taken seriously.

Large-scale transitions in societies are associated with both individual behavioral change and restructuring of the social network. Our mission is to make that transition and restructuring within the industry to bring ethnic diversity and body diversity into the fashion industry so that it’s not merely obligatory. To tell, not only magazines, but also other media systems that society is ready for them to be wholly representative of the diverse communities that they serve, opposed to the homogeneous, unrealistic population currently represented. Contrary to popular belief, magazines aren’t embracing diversity. From 2014 to 2015 there was only a 0.1% Improvement in diversity on magazine covers (From 19.7% to 19.8%).

The fashion industry and its publications are still discriminating; and an imbalanced and sometimes even unhealthy ideal of beauty is being pushed onto vulnerable young girls, women, and even men all over the world. “Ethnic women on the cover don’t sell magazines.” That mainstream market propaganda masquerading as fact has long been accepted as truth, but we don’t buy it. There is a long way to go in shifting the perception of beauty but we want to lead by example; we want to challenge the ideals of beauty and fashion into a much more colorful, accepting, diverse image. We want a change.

We want to be a diverse publication: One that is inclusive of minorities and people in content, employment, and, even ownership. We don’t only want to present diversity in the end result, we want to be the definition of diversity as a company to reflect the broad communities that we serve and represent. As a matter of fact, we believe that the disproportionate lack of women and minority owners is a direct cause of the lack of diverse voices, images and viewpoints. We want to change the homogeneous and racialised hierarchies of beauty that permeate the high fashion industry.

We want small brands to be appreciated and heard as much as the big fashion houses. We want models of all sizes, races, genders, and cultures. We want you, our readers, to model high fashion clothes and feel as beautiful as Giselle or Bar, because you are. In every Issue we will feature a high fashion editorial with real people you can relate to. We will use curvy, large, light skinned, dark skinned, redheads, freckled faces, albinos, trans-gendered men and women, and more to promote a more inclusive and respectful idea of diversity.

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