The Earth Day Film Festival
The Earth Day Film Festival

This project has already launched.


She would energize the festival using her wind and sun (not fossil fuels)

She would be supported by individuals committed to her environment (no corporate sponsors)

She would ensure the festival is inclusive and would create a place for her inhabitants to collaborate and express themselves (no exclusion)

Johnson Valley, CA
Johnson Valley, CA


The Earth Day Film Festival hosts a multi-day gathering, closely resembling, but still greatly broadened from a traditional film festival. This year, The Earth Day Film Festival will be held on a 30 acre desert homestead near Joshua Tree, California. We will camp amongst the creosote bush, project films into a pine grove and dance under the expansive starscape. 

And you’re invited! Here's what you can anticipate: 

 -Be inspired by 18+ hours of impactful, change-making films, submitted by filmmakers from 38 nations, projected on a large, outdoor screen. 

-Learn and expand with workshops on plants, sustainability, and community

 -Connect to the Earth via our bodies with yoga, dance, and meditation

-Be nourished by communal vegan meals made with love 

(Friday Dinner, Saturday Brunch, Saturday Dinner, Sunday Brunch)

-Celebrate and move to music

-Relax with 3 days of camping in the Mojave Desert

-Network with people at the fore front of film, environmentalism and those shaping a new paradigm

The property is completely off-grid with solar panels, well water and wind power. In compliance with our zero-waste goals we ask that no single-use items brought in. . The 3-day festival will be held from April 21-23, 2017 in Johnson Valley, CA

***Bring your kids! We believe our hope truly does lie in the hands of the youth. Please contact us directly if you plan on bringing your kids for significantly reduced festival passes for them.****

Children 6 and: Under Free

Youth 6- 12:  $30

Young Adult 12 - 16: $60


Each year on Earth Day, a growing number of hosts gather with their communities to celebrate Earth-conscious films. The Earth Day Film Festival staff selects a 120min block of films to send to hosts around the world. These screenings are all powered using renewable energy (in the U.S. through our partners at Arcadia Power) and are free and open to the public. Our hope is to foster local gatherings of like-minded individuals, reducing economic barriers. The 2016 selection of poignant films were shown at an art collective in New York City, a marina in San Francisco, a theater in Los Angeles, a festival in Mexico City, and a home in Vancouver. Keeping in alignment with our vision, we value authenticity and the creation of community rather than the size or reputation of a particular venue. 

Want to share awe-inspiring films with your community for free? Visit our website to learn more about how to become a host

Learn more at


Our Friends at Chico Printed Image are sourcing U.S. Cotton T-Shirts and printing original designs by Earth Day Film Fest artists Ira Prokopets and Dara Donnelly. 


We are asking for your help to honor the filmmakers who are telling the stories the worlds needs to hear.


The Earth's Choice Award: The winning film is made with the Earth in mind- from conception to final film. Consideration is given to energy usage, waste, and environmental impact. The final message is typically feminine in tone, not a direct way of speaking but one that is nurturing and loving as is Mother Earth. The recipient of this award is given temporary custody of the "Earth's Choice" custom trophy with their name engraved below previous recipient. The winner of this award receives an $888 cash award to propagate future Earth-minded work.

The Activist Award: This award honors filmmakers who are using their art to affect change in the world. The winning film illuminates unjust or repressive systems and calls for action. The filmmakers tactics, including their partnerships, methods and post-production journey are taken into consideration for this award.

The New Paradigm Award: The recipient of this award answers the question: 'what's next?'. After activism draws attention to areas in need of change, a new paradigm is needed to exemplify a more harmonious and healthier relationship with Earth. The selected film has a tone of nurturance and hope.

The Earth Day Film Festival is organized by filmmakers, who honor the effort required to give birth to a film. Selected filmmakers receive thoughtful gift bags from our sponsors and two VIP passes to the Festival.

*The Numbers

*$1000 of infrastructure is going to locally sourced food for the vegan meals. 

Our Partners

We have partnered with similar Earth Minded organizations as we coalesce in our vision for a healthier planet. BioneersThe Biomimicry InstituteRo*co Films and Arcadia Power are allies of ours in this essential work.  


//Stretch Goals//

If we reach our funding goals to produce this essential celebration we will use additional funding to fly filmmakers out to the festival! 

 Your "Thank You!" found here



Risks and challenges

How do we host a festival with integrity? We are learning and innovating as we go. We cannot do this without your investment! By supporting this Kickstarter Campaign, you are contributing to a new model of environmental action- one in which practices align with values. With your support, we can expand our capacity to bring powerful messages to change-making audiences. This campaign will help fund the 3-day festival in California as well as logistics for our global screening project on Earth Day, costs for website, filmmaker awards, infrastructure at the festival. We are entirely volunteer based group of artists, activists and visionaries and we want you to join us!

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