The Drunk Alpaca Food Truck
The Drunk Alpaca Food Truck


The Drunk Alpaca is a bake shop in southwestern Connecticut providing Farmer's Market customers with fantastic baked goods and mocktails. We are looking to open up a Food Truck this fall to bring our amazing baked goods and mocktails to as many people in our community as possible.
We make great things like strawberry basil scones, mojito muffins, cookie dough cupcakes, chocolate whiskey salted caramel cakes, peach bourbon galettes and refreshing mocktails and delicious coffee to drink with them. We use local ingredients whenever possible and love to support the farms we sell alongside of at the famer's markets.

Why fund our project?

Help us spread the word and get The Drunk Alpaca Food Truck rolling! We need your help to get a food truck. Your pledges will go directly towards a down payment on a very cool VW Bus for us to convert into our food truck. Once we have our truck and convert it to pass state and town regulations we'll be on the street serving our amazing goods to as many people as we can in southwestern Connecticut. We'll use it as an everyday food truck as well as for special events like weddings, birthday parties, baby showers, etc. and at farmer’s markets, fairs and festivals across the state.


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