The Dream Birth Project
The Dream Birth Project

The Concept
Most of you have seen and perhaps utilized the average birth planner. A typical planner helps you track the various stages of pregnancy; some also feature countdowns and allow you to track your doctor’s appointments, growth milestones, diet, “To Do” lists, shopping lists, etc. Others are more like journals with writing prompts and questions. These really serve more as keepsakes or mementos of your pregnancy than as planners. Both types are typically full of helpful facts and tidbits about pregnancy, birth, and newborn care. Additionally, you may be familiar with the massive—but amazingly helpful—wedding planners and wedding binders on the market that basically guide the new bride in planning her dream wedding.
Now imagine a birth planner—a binder—with the detail and completeness of a wedding planner, but focused on orchestrating your “dream birth”, be it a natural birth, a home birth, or a more conventional birth. That's the Dream Birth Project. I want the Dream Birth binder to inspire a woman to see her birth, first and foremost, as an amazing—even sacred—event; one that deserves all the forethought and planning of any other life-altering, socially powerful, and celebrated moment. The guidebook and planner would be specifically geared toward natural birth and home birth and would educate and empower the new expecting mother and father to take the reins of their pregnancy and birth. It would provide all the information, resources, suggested readings, and tangible tools needed to plan every aspect of a “dream” natural birth / home birth, with all of the safety measures and back-up planning in place.

My Progress
At this point, I have finalized the table of contents, to included the desired vignettes, features, tables, charts, and forms. I have a writing, publishing, and marketing team in place to assist me with content creation, research, compiling and assembling, copy editing, publishing, and finally, the printing and distribution. With my years of publishing and project management experience, my own personal home birth success, and the initial conception and vision for this project, I truly believe that I’m the right person to bring this unique and much-needed birth tool to the market. My team and I are excited to be working on the first stages of prototyping and plan to have the overall look and design nailed down soon.

The Plan
I plan to launch a crowdfunding campaign to raise the funds that I need to spend the time to continue to research, write, compile, and design the Dream Birth Guidebook and Planner. It’s my hope that crowdfunding will take care of the financial aspect of the project, allowing me, my team, and if you’re willing, you, to focus on the heart of the project—the ideas.
With the help of a crowdfunding platform and a solid pitch, campaign video, social media buzz, and local support, you can connect with an audience that cares about and believes in your venture. People throughout the country (and world) can contribute to your idea in whatever amount they’re comfortable with, often contributing in the form of a pre-order of your product. You are no longer tied to commercial sponsors or large investors. This allows for greater freedom and increases the likelihood that you will get the funds you need to continue your project.
I believe the Dream Birth Guidebook and Planner is not only a project worth funding but also, if done correctly, a project with the potential to make waves in the birthing community and beyond.

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