The Designer's Garment
The Designer's Garment

The Designer's Garment is a film written by Nicholas D. Headen. Its a romantic comedy about 'Jewels,' a fashion designer on the rise whose been made "an offer she can't refuse" by Stephan Luciano, a former wise guy turned fashion mogul. She's also wooed by hip hop star ex-boyfriend Jay-Nice in his attempt to regain her heart. We also meet Jewels' assistant, Janae who wants love but is so blinded by Her "type," she doesn't notice true love when it's right in front of her. Once this film is fully funded we'll show how these threads are interwoven into . . . The Designer's Garment.

The main character is a female fashion Designer who is in high demand by the name of Jewel Sloan (aka Jewels). She is made a proposition to stop building her brand to work for a former wise Guy turned mogul who goes by the name of 'Stephano Luciano.' She is also the recent ex to hip hop star, 'J-Nice.' Portraying the main character is Chelsea Viera.

Chelsea's IMDB Link

'J-Nice' is a hip hop icon and all around player who takes full advantage of the amentities that the hip hop lifestyle provides, but upon a  life changing epiphany from a tweet he decides to do all he can to regain the heart of the love that he lost. This role is played by hip hop artist, Ike Ellis.

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'Janae,' is the "no non-sense," best friend and assistant to 'Jewels,' and certified hater to 'J-Nice,' and womanizers like him, one of which is left in the rain, literally. During the course of the film she learns a good lesson about her "type," by someone that is the total opposite of that. This role will be portrayed by the lovely Tiffany Chinn.

Tiffany's ExploreTalent Page

'Bruiser' makes one half of the security team of J-Nice.  He also ends up teaching a very important lesson of love to another character. This character is played by my brother Quentin Headen who is also co-Executive Producer of the project.

Kiss 4 Peace starring Quentin Headen (Commercial submission written produced and directed by Nicholas Headen, also starrring Chelsea Viera)

'Steel' is the other half of the 'J-Nice' security team. During the film he is involved in an internet love affair and he is very careful to avoid being "Cat-fished." Playing this character is Darren "Big Baby" Brand.  He is a cast member of Nick Cannon's Wild n' Out seen on the MTV2 network, 1/4 member of the Freestyle Funny Comedy Show Team (Other members consist of B-Dhat, Osama Bin Dranken, & Chico Bean) and like the creator, he is also an alumni of North Carolina A&T State University (Where Terrence J is also an alum)

Big Baby Mashup

'Will' is the bubling assistant to 'Luciano,' who is sent to get into the inner circle of 'Jewels' to learn what he can about her designs amongst other things.  This role provides the majority of the comedy for the film and is played by Anthony "Chico" Bean who is also a cast member of Nick Cannon's Wild n' Out as well as 1/4 member of the Freestyle Funny Comedy Show along with Brand.

Chico Bean Mashup

'Danger' like 'J-Nice' is a hip hop artist who starts out in the same management family as 'J-Nice,' buts ends up being a rival to him after persuing a certain love interest. This role will be played by hip hop artist Donray Jamoro.

Donray's ReverbNation Link

Donray's YouTube Channel

'Maxi' is the manager to 'J-Nice,' and 'Danger.' He has a thing for strippers and long island ice teas, but when the rivalry begins between two of his main acts, he is quick to establish where his loyalties lie, with plenty of authority.  This part is played by Robert Angelo.

Chain of Fools (Music Video Contest Submission written produced & directed by Nicholas Headen.

We still have roles to be filled.


This is the film that you will not be able to go to sleep to.  There are fashion shows, hip hop performances, rap battles, dog chases, slight electrocutions, and so much more, but the main ingredients of the film are laughter and love.


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