The CutterPillar Crop
The CutterPillar Crop



The CutterPillar Crop

We decided to use the "crowd source" model because it's truly a win/win for all involved.  No banks, interest rates, points, silent partners or any drawbacks of the traditional funding models. YOU will be our partners !  And YOU will receive the benefits.  

We have made a tried & true, working prototype.  We've tested it with the our customers (who happen to be quite a critical crowd!) We've listened to their critiques and implemented the ideas and changes they suggested.

The capital raised from Kickstater will go to establish the expensive tooling and molds that are required to create and mass produce the CutterPillar Crop. 

The good news is, that's it!  Because we've already been in business for 3 years, we already have in place the infrastructure to ship, store, distribute and support the end product. 

We decided we wanted to reward YOU,  instead of lining the pockets of some bank.  


The good thing about the CutterPillar Crop is... because it's our second venture into the paper cutting business; we've already made, and learned from all our mistakes !


We have 5 years of experience with our first mode the CutterPillar Pro. It's now in it's third generation. So the the CutterPillar Crop was designed and built on this hard-earned knowledge. The Crop will be completely realized product from the get go.





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