The Crystal Wind Oracle Boxed Print Edition
The Crystal Wind Oracle Boxed Print Edition

The Crystal Wind Oracle Printed & Boxed Card Deck

Featuring the fantasy artwork of the highly acclaimed artist, Lisa Iris, this full colour oracle card deck is absolutely stunning! Combined with Crystal Wind's inspired text and interpretations, composed through meditation and working with Spirit Guides, the resulting deck is amazing and uncanny! As an Oracle divinatory tool The Crystal Wind Oracle brings clarity and purpose to your journey by reaching into your soul and asking you to find the answers within. These cards will activate your intuitive capabilities, guiding you to feel, listen and live from your heart. As a tool for your journey, The Crystal Wind Oracle provides the signs and guideposts along the way. The insights will flow from you. What you think, you create! What you feel, you manifest!

What We Need

In order to get a printed and boxed version of this oracle deck into the bookstores and online markets, like Chapters, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc., requires upfront dollars to produce a quality product and complete the new card designs. Promotional material to send out to reviewers and larger retail distribution can be expensive. 

We are now midway through the design process and have several quotes in place from reputable Canadian and USA printers.

We hope to get this completed and printed by May 2017  


After the successful launch of our Crystal Wind Mobile APP, we received thousands of requests for a printed version! We are amazed at how many people contacted us for asking when a printed versions would be available.  

The Crystal Wind Oracle Mobile App has received over 750 five-star reviews on the Google Store, Amazon and the Apple Store!

If you have already purchased our Mobile APP, then you already know what to expect.  This new printed crystal wind oracle deck will feature new additional cards and new meanings and complete card by card redesign. Some meanings will be also be enhanced or re-divined for greater clarification. 

Please Help

Please help us in getting prefunded to help defray the some of the costs.  Each card takes time and we do not want to rush the development.  We hope to have 2 versions of the printed deck.  A deluxe wooden box version and the standard cardboard box versions. 

Thank you for taking the time to visit us here and your kind consideration of a donation.



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