The Cryptid ABCs
The Cryptid ABCs

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The Cryptid ABCs is a 6x6 hardcover picture book with 56 pages of content, including 26 illustrations of cryptozoological creatures from all over the world, with accompanying short poems about the featured characters! It aims to be a picture book for all ages, fun and friendly for children, but perfect for adults who love art and the paranormal as well!

A sample page spread of the book.
A sample page spread of the book.

 About the Author

Kiernan Sjursen-Lien is an agender writer and artist for comics and animation, having written and drawn for comics such as Over the Garden Wall, Winston and Harvey, The Loud House, and Fionna and Cake. They graduated from CalArts' Character Animation Program in 2017, and have done miscellaneous work for studios such as Disney, OddBot, Darkmatter, and more across the world! 

They also successfully Kickstarted another picture anthology in 2016 titled A Gay Ol' Time, about 1800s LGBTQIA+ Americans.

Click the above image to see more of my work!
Click the above image to see more of my work!

Why make this book?

When I was little, I desperately wanted to be a cryptozoologist. It was, alas, a dream doomed to fail... but my love for the strange and macabre critters has lived on to this day! I know many others share my love for these strange beasts of legend, and wanted to make something that every cryptid lover could enjoy- be they big, small, short, or tall! 

Thus began my quest to illustrate and write an ABC book of those creatures we all love, drawn in a much different light than they're usually seen! I wanted to make a book that would make any cryptid lover happy, but with my own pastel-cartoony twist on the monsters within. I also wanted to make a book that could introduce paranormal-loving children to some new creatures through image and rhyme, so maybe they can pursue that cryptozoologist dream I never achieved... or, well, at least enjoy some cool monsters. :)

What will the final book look like?

 The final book will be a 6x6" hardcover book with 56 full-color interior pages and custom paranormally-patterned endsheets. 

Each spread will include an illustration of a cryptid, alongside a short poem written about them, like the following examples:

Where will the funds go?  

 Most funds will go into printing the books and shipping, with the remainder of the funds will go to Kickstarters' fee and various reward costs.


What would a Kickstarter be without its rewards? For this project, the rewards are as follows:

And here's a better look at the acrylic 2.5" keychains:

In closing...

Thank you so much for your interest in this book! It has been a labor of love, and I really hope that you all enjoy the book as much as I enjoyed creating it. Thank you for your contribution, and have a wonderful day!

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