The Couch #1
The Couch #1

This project has already launched.


The Couch is a passion project that we hope you will all enjoy. Written by me, David A Byrne, and drawn/inked/colored/lettered (wow it seems like he did a lot more than me) by Matt Magill, this is the first issue of an ongoing series that we have enough material to keep running as long as there is a demand to read it.

Eh, even if there isn’t a demand, we’ll keep making it, because we love it that much.

What is the Couch?

The Couch is not your ordinary superhero story.

Dr. Warren Lee is a psychiatrist with no money, one patient, and an eviction notice. Just when all seems to be at its lowest for Warren, he accidentally becomes the exclusive therapist to the superheroes of Megalopolis.  This is the story of how a not-so-good-at-his-job, or personal life, psychiatrist fails upward into his dream job.  Too bad being a superhero doesn’t pay…and neither do they.

Isn’t it time the heroes got the help they need instead of just being held up on a pedestal? Is Warren up to the task? Will Megalopolis ever be the same?

Follow Warren and the heroes of Megalopolis as he shrinks their heads in The Couch.

What is this Kickstarter for?

It’s quite simple actually, this Kickstarter campaign is to fund physical copies of the books to provide to those who purchase them here, take to conventions and appearances, and with a enough hard work and perseverance, maybe get them into a few retail shops. The book is complete, just need to get them printed and into your hands!

  • This is a standard sized 6.625” by 10.25” inch modern comic.
  • It will be printed on 85 lb gloss cover with 70 lb gloss interior – what’s that mean you ask? It’s going to be just as nice as any book you would go pickup off that shelf at your local comic store!
  • This issue is packed wall-to-wall with 28 full-color interior pages of irreverent humor.
  • All printed issues will come bagged and boarded and get to you in the best possible condition, because that’s how I would expect them to be delivered to me!

What does it look like?

Glad you asked! Here’s the regular cover by Matt Magill:

Oh you want to see the insides, too? Here are the first five pages!





You can also check out the digital ashcan (or preview) here with the first 5 pages in Black and White, Matt’s original character sketches, and a preview of some future Couch characters.

The Couch Preview

Check back regularly, we’ll be revealing an additional lettered page a day for the first 12 days – a 12 days of Kickstarter-mas if you will!

What do you get if you back this project…The Rewards!

I’ll start off by saying, that while I am a creator – I’m also a consumer and a collector. So I kept that in mind when coming up with the list of rewards I thought backers might enjoy.

First of all, we want everyone to have a chance to read this book, so the entry level pledge of $1 will get you a PDF copy of The Couch #1 - that's right - $1 and you're in!

All the reward tiers are spelled out on the pledge section for you, so this space will be devoted to showing you what we're offering!

Digital and Digital Deluxe (including the script, character sketches, and a black and white version The Couch #1).

Who doesn't love trading cards?  These are in hand and look fantastic!  Can't wait to see how Matt's sketches turn out on the blank cards.

For the collectors out there, a guaranteed CGC 9.8 Signature Series The Couch #1 signed by David and Matt!

 *this is just a mockup.

Regular and Virgin (no logo) covers:

Group Sessions 8.5x11 Print signed by Matt Magill?  Yes, please!  (this is a work in progress, but close, oh so close!)

Also an additional variant that is in progress by Eisner and Ringo nominated Steve Conley.

And my favorite, original interior pages from the book!

There are packages for every level of interest and single items can be added on after we've funded.

Check back during the campaign as more goodies may make an appearance as add-on only items!

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