The Core Activator - Strengthen Core, Ease Back Pain
The Core Activator - Strengthen Core, Ease Back Pain

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Introducing the Core Activator

Core muscle activation in every exercise

Finally, a fitness machine designed as a lasting solution for a healthy back


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This patented machine is the first to move you in all three planes of motion, take compression loads off of your spine, and activate multiple core muscles around your spine; all while keeping you in a safer/more powerful spine neutral position.

The Core Activator was created out of necessity by Dr. Jeff Fishel after several paraplegic spine patients came to his practice to train their core. They all had the prognosis of life in a wheelchair and needed to strengthen core muscles to make easier transitions to and from the wheelchair. But traditional exercise machines have the user seated, which places harmful compression on the spine and shuts down key core muscles. Dr. Jeff found that there was nothing on the market that was safe for his patients, so he built one himself.  And, the results have been amazing! See Dr. Jeff's Story at the end of the campaign.

Anyone with back pain can benefit from the Core Activator. You can choose to wear braces and use ergonomic chairs to lessen the pain, but that is not a long term solution.  Bracing restricts movement, and movement is necessary for keeping joints and muscles healthy and pain-free.  Most lower back pain can be prevented with the correct exercise of the core muscles that SURROUND the spine and this is exactly what the Core Activator was designed to deliver.   

Tighten and tone core muscles without rigorous exercise or straining your back.  Two things are needed to develop a healthy low back.  Motion and Core muscles working together.  Motion lubricates your spinal joints and brings a lot of circulation to the muscles and nerves that surround your spine.  You can’t build a strong, stable spine by moving in just one plane of motion.  The Core Activator's patented design allows you to exercise on all three planes of motion while maintaining spine neutral position, the strongest position for your spine.  

Whether simply stretching or exercising on the Core Activator your abdominals, obliques, and low back, fire together creating a very powerful set of stabilizer muscles.  This prevents muscle fatigue because more muscles are being used, allowing your body to use less energy.  Pre-activating core muscles in your warm-up  will wake up these stabilizer muscles so they fire during more dynamic moves, such as golf, cycling, lifting or jogging.  With continual core integration exercise, you don’t even have to remember to activate your core.  It becomes automatic, like a reflex. 

Connect hips, Core, and extremities 

The Core Activator teaches you a proper hip hinge which is important for low back health and optimal performance. Physical therapy clinics are busy with clients who have injured their backs due to improper form, muscular imbalances, and deficient movement patterns.  A big problem for many people is how to get the hips to move without the low back flexing along with it. Rounding of the back makes it difficult to activate core muscles and creates pressure on a specific disc making it vulnerable to injury. Spine neutral position will spread the load over multiple discs, meaning less pressure and a stronger and safer position to be in. A proper hip hinge is movement, (flexion and extension) through the hip joint that requires keeping a neutral spine. The top pad on the Core Activator helps you maintain safe, spine neutral position throughout the entire exercise. 

Stretches and Daily Exercises

Advanced Exercises

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