The Convertible Leash System for BIG DOGS
The Convertible Leash System for BIG DOGS

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There are quite a few "adjustable" leashes currently on the market.  Most feature multiple clip points and carabiners or hooks of some sort.  What makes the Convertible Leash System unique is that it uses a sliding mechanism to give TRUE adjustability and customization.

See it in action:


In case you missed it in the video, the Sliding Mechanism allows the Convertible Leash System to do 3 very unique things other adjustable leashes can't:

1) Allow for adjustment through each of the 6 functions without ever having to let go of the handle, or un-clip your dog.

2) Have an adjustable 2nd handle that can be moved to any point on the leash.

3) "Micro-tune" to be any length between 3 to 6 feet.

The Convertible Leash System gives dog owners the ability to be flexible, yet remain in total control!  From wide trails, to busy streets, with 2 hands, or no hands, the convertible leash system can adjust to custom match you, your dog, and your walk, you can even use it when you need a rest!

So why are we on Kickstarter?  Keep reading...


It all started 2 years ago when my wife and I rescued cooper from the Santa Monica Animal Shelter.  Back then, he was known as Red.

Picture of Cooper the day we brought him home. 
Picture of Cooper the day we brought him home.

With our active lifestyle, we were looking for a dog that could go anywhere, and do anything, he was PERFECT!

What wasn’t perfect, was the numerous leashes and accessories we had to sort through every time we left the house.

In an effort to cut down on the clutter, I looked at 6 functionally different leashes and thought of a way to combine them into one easy to use system!

Then all of a sudden, the Convertible Leash System was born!

We no longer had to carry around, or even look for "That ___ leash", we just needed our Convertible Leash System!

After talking with trainers, pet experts, and dog walkers we realized were onto something BIG and wanted to share it with other dog owners.

With a small production run, we hit every dog show in Southern California, and found that dog owners were really excited about our products.  

's video poster 

We got lots of great feedback from our customers, we were pleased that the durable webbing and combination of metal and military-grade plastic hardware made the Convertible Leash System perfect for small to medium dogs.  But we also had tons of owners who wanted a more durable version for their larger stronger dogs as well! 

In order for us to move forward, we need to produce a version for larger, stronger dogs!  We need to make a Convertible Leash System with ALL METAL hardware!


Simply put, our Official Goal is to be able to offer a Convertible Leash System for every size of dog...Period.

But there are a few ways we can do this!

Given our Official Goal, the easiest (and cheapest) way is to purchase existing metal buckles and work them into our current design.  The metal buckles would work the same as the plastic ones, and all dog owners would be able to use a Convertible Leash System without worry!  

HOWEVER!  Wouldn't it be great to go beyond that?

If we can raise more than our goal, I have 2 stretch goals that will allow the Convertible Leash System to be truly perfect.

Stretch Goal #1 - More color options ($10,000)  We started with the 3 most common leash colors on the market, Black, Red and Blue.  Safe, but not exactly riveting options...With your help, we want to add more color options to our leash.  As of now, we are thinking of adding Purple, Pink and Forest Green.  If we reach our Stretch Goal #1 amount we will be able to not only create the metal version, but add these colors to all sizes of the Convertible Leash System.  

Stretch Goal #2 - Custom Hardware ($75,000)
When I was first designing the Convertible Leash System, I created a design for a custom buckle assembly that would be compact, intuitive, and attractive.  Instead of a clever combination of independently working components, a single assembly would make the Convertible Leash System truly unique.  This would would be released as a Version 2 of the Convertible Leash System for both Small/Medium dogs and well as Big Dogs in all colors including the ones listed in Stretch Goal 1.

If funding goes well, we will release more information about our stretch goals in future updates.  If you have any questions feel free to contact us and we will be happy to discuss them with you.  For now though, I will let your imaginations run wild!


Your support is greatly appreciated, if you think we are on to something, like what we are doing, or even just think Cooper is cute, but can't afford to pledge, telling others and spreading the word would help us tremendously and we thank you!

If you would like to pledge we have put together a list of really cool rewards that we hope you will enjoy!  

Don't be intimidated by how many different rewards levels we have, we just wanted to give you options to make sure you get what you want

All of the levels are different combinations of the following items:

  • 2-in-1 Collar.  With some rewards, you can get one of our exclusive collars!  Early on in our journey with the Convertible Leash System, we noticed a lot of customers asking for matching collars.  I sat down and created a collar that matches the Convertible Leash System in not only colors, but functionality.  The 2-in-1 Collar combines the safety of a standard Flat Collar with the security of a Martingale Training Collar.  For more information, you can visit our webpage
  • Convertible Leash System.  Some rewards include 1 or more of the ORIGINAL Convertible Leash System!  This is for people who want one for their small to medium sized dog.  
  • EARLY BIRD Convertible Leash System for Big Dogs.  If you want to be one of the 1st on the block to own one of these here is your chance!  Even if we reach our final stretch goal, I plan to make a batch of these using existing metal components and will send you one in your choice of color.
  • Custom Color Options.  Regardless of our final funding amount, if you want a leash/collar in a custom color, you can choose from 14 color available and we will make it for you!
  • Limited Edition Leashes and Collars.  Before we officially started selling to the public, I wanted my friends and family to it try out!  I borrowed my Aunt's sewing machine and set up shop in my dining room to make enough stock.  I personally made 10 of each size and color (60 leashes and 90 collars in total).  Most of these are gone, but there are few left!  If you are into keepsake's and conversation pieces, this is for you!  

Regardless of your reward, please know that your support means a lot to us and we are excited to see where the Convertible Leash System goes in the coming months!

Thank you for your support!

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