The Closet Key: Your Premier Digital Styling Service
The Closet Key: Your Premier Digital Styling Service

This project has already launched.

Introducing The Closet Key:


Hi! My name is Nicole and this Kickstarter is in support of my online personal styling site, The Closet Key

TCK was born out of my personal love (read: obsession) for all things fashion and/or shopping-related. It is a one-of-a-kind digital personal shopping experience. 

Through their own digital portals, clients across Canada will receive individually tailored clothing suggestions on what to buy, quick and easy style tips, trend guides, newsletters and more!

We’re creating value for the increasingly busy, everyday woman who loves fashion (or not!) but is short on time. Her closet is full of mismatched trend pieces, short on functional staples and lacks cohesiveness. But instead of building from the ground up, we’re here to painlessly develop her wardrobe into a true reflection of self.

This is a match-made for: 
 • The woman who loves fashion but finds herself short on time 
 • The woman who doesn’t care about fashion but wants a put-together aesthetic
 • The woman who feels a disconnect between her personality and outward presentation 
 • Anyone with a closet full of quote-unquote nothing to wear!

To learn more about The Closet Key, see our Kickstarter here or feel free to comment/message.

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