The CIrcle
The CIrcle

9 student found nude with crushed skulls



It’s a simple reason really.

The timing is right to expose the truth. As Russia entrenches itself into brutal totalitarianism that beckons to an era long gone, and as the world begins another round of cold war with an intolerant Soviet Government, the time is right to finally set the record straight.

The truth must be told. The mystery must be solved. The horror must end.

The story must be told because 9 tragic deaths demand it and 9 silent voices cry for it.

There are over 442,000 entries in Google about the Dyatlov Pass Incident. The fact that this story is one of the greatest unsolved mysteries in recent history is reason enough to explore it in a thoughtful and entertaining way. The world wants an answer. The families of the murdered students deserve an answer.

Thus we have created THE CIRCLE, the true untold story of the Dyatlov Pass Incident.


This film will do several things:

- It will tell the truth

- It will scare you!

- It will entertain you.


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