The Chronicles of Riddoch
The Chronicles of Riddoch

The Chronicles of Riddoch is a comic which tells the tale of four teenage superheroes and the challenges they face as they try and establish their ‘normal life’ alter egos prior to beginning their super hero activities. The comic focuses on their ongoing struggles to get a job and transition into work, from school, whilst not being able to utilise their superpowers. The style of The Chronicles of Riddoch will be entertaining and humorous. There will DEFINITELY be jokes - some of them might even be funny! Most of them may involve vegetable based humour (whatever that is).

Riddoch is a small town in the West Highlands of Scotland. As it’s the West Highlands, it rains. A lot. This is incidental. Four teenagers of Riddoch find an old mine shaft and, against all good sense, investigate. They find a strange slime in the mine and decide to take some home, again, contrary to all good sense. Do teenagers in comics not watch films or read comics? Inevitably, the slime causes them to change and develop super powers…

Hamish MacDonald becomes Ignition Kid – superpower: can create and shoot fireballs.
Shona MacDonald becomes X-ray Lass – Superpower: has x-ray vision.
Laura Cameron becomes Spark Girl – superpower: can control electricity.
Rory Campbell becomes Vegetable Boy – Superpower: can turn inanimate objects into fruit and vegetables.

The four teens must create normal identities for their superhero alter egos (like Clark Kent and his alter ego, Superman). This involves their undertaking thrilling escapades like looking for work experience, employer visits, CV preparation and other extraordinary adventures.

The Chronicles of Riddoch is a collaborative project aimed at delivering innovative solutions to the challenges of engaging young people in the opportunities and options available to them as they make the transition from education to employment.
A key component of the business is to work in partnership with schools and young people. They will be integrally involved with the creative and operational aspects of the business. Working with schools throughout the creative and operational processes will mean that not only will The Chronicles of Riddoch deliver an alternative and accessible information platform for young people, but it will actively contribute to young people gaining valuable experience and skills which they can take from education and into employment.

Kickstarter funding will be used to create, print and publish Issue #1 of The Chronicles of Riddoch.

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