The Christmas Breaks ~ Hilarious Comedy for All
The Christmas Breaks ~ Hilarious Comedy for All

"The Christmas Breaks" ~~ A hilarious comedy for All


We are producing a Christmas comedy with the true message of Christmas intertwined in a wonderful story. It's a movie everyone will enjoy. 
The Christmas Breaks ~ A hilarious family comedy.

About a year ago, we came across a story for a Christmas Movie. We weren't really shopping for one at the time, but when we read the premise of the story, we were convinced that this story had to be told. We immediately picked it up and hired a renowned Hollywood writer to bring the story to life. It includes all the feel good elements of a great Christmas story that leaves the viewer with the joy of the season without leaving out the true reason for the season. As a comedy, it's Christian worldview is similar to It's a Wonderful Life or Bruce Almighty.

The story takes place in Chicago, Illinois with Ben Maxwell, a high powered advertising executive, who believes he can get anyone to sign on the dotted line. His unique talent is to mimic the client, which lands him in hysterical situations that only Ben could get out of. When Ben learns that the Sr. V.P. position is open, he embarks on a mission "to become the client" that will land him the the job ~ a Christian businessman. He has two weeks to convince his family of his new persona before the businessman arrives at his house for Christmas Eve dinner - and possibly land his greatest promotion. This movie is an inside look into the motives of the heart, and the supernatural power of God to intervene when someone needs help. 

Movie Production Budget: After crowdfunding fees are deducted from your contributions, the net dollars, including the $100,000 from the "$-4-$ matching challenge" is $180,000 "if" we reach our minimum goal. Although we can definitely produce the film within this budget, we would have to cast rising stars rather than established stars, as well as skimp on post-production sound and color correction to stay within this budget. Our plan is to continue fundraising from donors and investors until February 28, 2014 hoping that we can garner enough money to hire someone of star caliber for the leading role. When our final budget is set, we will sign the director and talent with the ultimate goal to film in June 2014. Ultimately, the more money we raise the better known actors and director will be a part of the cast. We have begun discussions with experienced Hollywood directors and actors; but until we have a final working budget, we cannot sign contracts and move forward. Our dream budget would be 2.5 million, but whatever number we land on, all money will be applied to elevating the production quality of the movie. We will creatively film this project within the budget we are allowed. We hope you will follow along with us through this exciting project. If you can't pledge right now, be sure to follow us on

For our FACEBOOK friends, (just for fun) we decided to do a funny series about Santa trying to find a new place to fit in ~ since he won't be the lead in the Christmas movie. Every week he tries something new, and every week he fails. These are created and filmed by some excited staff and volunteers. The videos have no relationship to the movie except to exemplify that Santa is not the reason for the season. Hope you enjoy them.The episodes run up until Christmas week.

Who are we? True Reflection Films, Inc. (aka TRF) is a not-for-profit organization located in Naperville, Illinois. Our mission is to use film as a vehicle to create positive images of Christians; thereby countering negative stereotypes that have emerged over the last few years. Being a not-for-profit organization means that your contribution is tax deductible minus the cost of fulfilling your sponsorship gifts. For example: If you pledged $100 and it costs TRF $30 to fulfill it's promise to you; the amount you can deduct on your taxes would be $70. We will provide you with a year-end tax statement for your records. You can find more information about TRF by going to our

Meet some of our faithful staff and volunteers:

Help us produce this wonderful Christmas story. We promise you'll be saying "Merry Christmas" when you leavie the theater.  Be part of this adventure with us!

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