The Chill Book
The Chill Book

About this project
I am a 25 year old young medical doctor, TEDx speaker and author. Seeing that stress and chronic pressure created by work, environment and among those disease was not well addressed in healthcare and daily life, in different professions, I decided to write a book with the research I do on stress and solutions. With my point of view, I will provide tools to improve personal and professional productivity. I find it very important to help as many people as possible with my knowledge and this book to lead a happier and healthier life and enjoy life to the fullest.

For the publishing of this book having sufficient funding is very important to make it a success and reach the people who need this book the most. And that is why I am also reaching out to you. Fund this book and you will not be disappointed!

What I Need & What You Get

I need more funding than the target I have set on indiegogo, but 1100 euro is a good start to make this book possible and reach as many people as possible.

All funding will go to making this book possible, editing, printing and more.

I am a young, very enthusiastic and have a taltent to connect with people and doing that through my book and helping people with this will be an amazing thing to do.

If you fund my you will receive the physical book and also monthly updates on the book and tips on how to survive stress and chronic pressure and how to increase productivity.

Also if I don't reach my entire goal, all will go to make this book happen! No money is wasted.

The Book

Have you ever thought why:  
- You work so hard and are still not getting the results you want?  - Are there days your energy level during the day drops too soon?  - Do you ever have physical complaints of which you don’t really know why you have them?   
Have you ever felt like all is just a bit too much for you and don’t know how you will handle all?  
Then this book might be there at the right time for you.  In “Chill! How to survive stress and improve personal and professional productivity. Symptoms and solutions to chronic pressure.”, Dr. Nupur Kohli   
- Guides you how to manage your stress effectively and with this improve your  productivity in your personal and professional life.  - Gives you the tools that will make that you can  maintain a high energy level, which will improve  your overall well-being. - Will explain you how and which symptoms are  related to stress and will provide you with solutions  to recognize them and how to deal with them.  
The essential knowledge and tools in this book will help you understand yourself better, deal with stress and chronic pressure and improve your personal and professional productivity, leading to a more fulfilling life.

Learn How…

- To manage stress and deal with chronic pressure.

- To achieve more productivity in your life.

- To apply tools and techniques to have more  fulfilment, peace and happiness.
The Impact

You can make a difference by funding this book in many people's lives. I want this book to reach the people who need it the most so they can live a better and more joyful life.

Risks & Challenges

As young female doctor I work hard to make this project of writing and publishing my book a success. The book is planned to be published begin 2016, but a possible delay might not be avoided. The challenge after my project is to bring this book and knowledge to people who need it the most, the people who struggle most with managing their stress and happiness levels. I find it important to give back to the community. I will do my best to reach as many people as possible and make their life more fulfilling.

Other Ways You Can Help

Help me spread the news about my book and that there are many people out there who need support in tackling stress and to learn useful techniques how to do this.

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