The Charles Heyward Hover Cover
The Charles Heyward Hover Cover

This past holiday season, the hoverboard was one of the largest selling, hot items for teens and young adults. Our ergonomically designed, Hover-Cover Carrier, provides a safe and comfortable way of transporting your hoverboard. If worn properly, it will help to prevent back injuries from the improper use of regular backpacks.


Just imagine riding your hoverboard to your destination, then being able to just place it in its specially designed compartment and be on your way. It could be that easy.


This high-quality, feature-rich, everyday backpack, makes you look like a fashionable professional. Its multi-purpose design makes your travels more efficient, productive, and expeditious.


 The Hover-Cover has been designed to function as:

  •     Your ready-for-anything everyday backpack – whether you're heading to     class,work, or the gym, you are always looking sophisticated.
  •  Your active briefcase alternative, when you need to carry more essentials
  •  Your perfect sized bag for those quick weekend getaways




You told us you wanted more, and this is the moment the Hover cover Backpack moves center-stage and becomes more than just a backpack. We want to redefine the “Multi-purpose Travel Backpack” industry for the active person that needs a backpack with multiple functions, but also looks professional enough to carry into any meeting, and stylish enough to carry on a plane. Travel is movement, and like you, we never stop moving – meaning we’re committed to building the best gear for life.

So if you want to invest in a high-quality, cost-effective, stylish, waterproof, versatile bag, then the Hover Cover is the bag for you!

When you’re hopping between design meetings, co-working spaces, airports, and fine drinking establishments – does your laptop satchel always fit in? When you’re in a pitch meeting or a boardroom – does your messenger bag generate envious stares? When you want to rush out of the hotel and effortlessly explore a new city, country, or continent – does your luggage want to play? If not then the Hover cover is the backpack for you it is sleek and stylish enough for the board room and versatile enough to explore the city at night and carry your hover board in a unique and innovative carrier.


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