The Call Center
The Call Center

Objective:  Artist Freddie Walton (formerly known as FREED) sets out to bring his animated office comedy “The Call Center” to life by telling the stories of the 9-5 employee in exaggerated detail…With the overall goal of bringing this to the Networks or On Demand TV!

Welcome to my KICKSTARTER project THE CALL CENTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My name is Freed and for over 10 years I’ve worked in different call centers in various roles including customer service, sales, and management.  In that time span I’ve witnessed some of the craziest and most embarrassing office stories you could ever imagine.

I’ve worked for some of the largest corporations behind the scenes.  I’ve seen good leaders and horrible bosses from small offices to corporate conglomerates.

A common theme seems to always focus on the underpaid, overworked employee and the mix of eclectic personalities that always make up that melting pot that is a call center.

From the envious coworker, to the mean boss, to the thief that seems to steal a part of your lunch (or all of it) every other day, I’ve seen it all and want to tell your story!

About the artist

I have drawn forever and a day.  I feel like I may have been born with a pencil in my hand!  I draw everything, and on everything.  I even sketch and doodle on gum wrappers.

Do you ever feel you were so meant to do something that you are compelled to do it without thought?  I’ve woken up in the middle of the night with a pen and pad in my hand sketching and drawing.  I also like to paint, sculpt and make crazy things out of play-doh with my two young kids.

The main character
The main character

I’m the guy on the phone with a client doodling away with thoughts of doing this full time.  It’s been my dream forever to share my art with the world.


Call Center post it note

The Call Center Cartoon starts with your stories…

We all have those stories.  We are all a part of what drives this economy.  We deal with office politics to take care of our families, pay for our education, or even to support our dreams.

Sometimes our talents feel bigger than what we are doing… I'm  going to turn your stories into a cartoon!  We have the characters (10 total to start) of the Call Center ready to go and bring you a series of animated shorts that focus on the day to day of your average coworker in a 9-5 setting, with the focus being on a former music star forced to return to the workforce after a series of flops on the music scene.

Call Center

What is The Call Center?

I started really getting heavy into the Call Center cartoon from a character design standpoint toward the latter half of 2012.  I went in on trying to design nine characters that I could relate to from my time working at different call centers.

Every character has a unique personality that based on feedback of different traits and intangibles as well as emotions, hundreds of people have been able to relate to.

In February of 2013, The Call Center won a Kickstart contest on for the best new idea to kick off the New Year.  ( ) From that point, I knew I was on to something.

I love to create art, and with my 10 years of experience in call center environments I have a large pool of stories to choose from. The only that that would make this better is if I pulled from my wonderful backers the inspiration and ideas from their funny (horror) stories of working and interacting with different coworkers and bosses.

What will the final cartoon look like?

Through working with Kickstarter and you wonderful backers out there, we’ve set out to bring The Call Center experiences into slickly presented animated shorts.

The art direction is unique with a ton of colorful characters that pop out at you. The animation style is going to be in the “puppet style” vein (think Powerpuff Girls and Dexters Laboratory) with some very great character voice overs. (Trust me, you don’t go 10 years in the business without learning different dialects/characterizations).

Main character   sidekick  


The process of building a proper animation is a tedious one.  There are tons of half hearted cartoons out here from a style perspective and The Call Center is not one of them.  We want to focus on quality to enhance the viewer experience and spread the word.

The fact that we strive for sheer quality means that we need to bring on a qualified team to help us get our vision and your stories out there! And what we need for that to come to fruition is funding for development costs that include:

  • Background artists
  • Storyboard artists
  • Layout artists
  • Sound engineers

OUR GOAL is to raise $10,500.00 here on KICKSTARTER to cover all of the costs associated with the hiring, production and development of the Call Center cartoon, as well as promotion. 

That’s where YOU can help us! Kickstarter attracts everyone to one place to share in the dreams and visions of seeing unique projects come to fruition by making pledges to support the project. But alas, Kickstarter is an “all or nothing” event.

If we don’t raise the funds for this project, it wont happen :( There will be not one fund transferred until after the event has ended and that is ONLY if we have completely met our goal!





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