"The Caged Bird Sings" LP

This project has already launched.

      Andrew "5ive MC" Walker has already recorded and professionally mixed over 75% of his debut album "The Caged Bird Sings" funded strictly by himself. Watch the first music video for the song "What's Best" (Official Music Video) here.

    Therefore, most of the process is complete, except for the recording of a few new songs that may feature one of your favorite Rap or R&B artist. Then comes the Mastering stage which makes the sound quality on par with some of the top songs playing on radio in the world. Then, with a superb sound like that as the foundation, top quality music videos (better than the one above) and an accompanying documentary can be filmed, edited and released to the public for viewing which would gather an enormous amount of attention from listeners like yourself, the commercial media at large, and YOU will have helped make all of that happen by making a donation to the Kickstarter campaign. You will have helped play an integral role in the success of this album, and a free copy of every piece of it would be delivered to you as a show of appreciation for your assistance in the creation of what could possibly be one of Hip-Hop's best albums of all time.


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