The Buttress: The Most BOOTYful Pillow in the World
The Buttress: The Most BOOTYful Pillow in the World

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Today marks a historic day for Butt Lovers across the Earth... After millennia of human advance and history, we seem to have arrived at yet another milestone. First it was fire, then it was electricity and now...

Introducing The Buttress: a 100% natural latex pillow and support in the form of a big and beautiful butt! It’s naturally lovely form cradles the head while the premium material provides loft and bounce. You can squeeze it, slap it, put a pair of undies on it and even bury your face in it! The Buttress is great for most kinds of sleepers and… it’s a butt!!! What’s not to love!?

Check out these totally awesome features:


*  2 Part Buttech! Softer cheeks and firmer thighs allows the skull to comfortably sink in while offering neck support!

*  Hefty Butt! 14 inches x 15 inches x 8 inches at the crest of the cheek and weighing 3 lbs

*  Easy to clean Buttress Pillow cover with more than 10 designs!

*  Hypoallergenic, 100% biodegradable, made from natural latex harvested from the sap of trees!

*  Warm in winter and cool in summer with integrated air flow system!


We believe that butts are universal and that there is something truly magical about them... and we want to share them with the world. Join us on our mission and we will bring these simple, but genius, natural but perfect creations into the world!


For a more BOOTYful world...
For The Buttress.




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